Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I am taking a few days off to celebrate with the, eating, visiting and then decorating for Christmas. I hope all my blog friends have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pretty in Pink

This sweet outfit is the first piece of clothing that Charles and Nancy have purchased for Baby Grimm who we know now is BABY GIRL GRIMM!  We are happy to be expecting a baby girl and it will even out the boy girl ratio among out grands.  While Charles and Nancy had a boy name all picked out, the girl name will require negotiation. Marvin and I are looking forward to greeting this sweet girlie in May.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Belated Anniversary Wishes

Last week Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip celebrated 67 years of marriage and they seem to be going strong as both still make royal appearances around the realm in England. I have always admired the queen. She has served her country faithfully since 1953. Many have criticized her but she has maintained the stern discipline that is necessary to quide a country. I would not like to cross her!!

I read a book about her recently that recounts that she is quite the mimic among her family and can bring gales of laughter with her talent. And apparently she is a much better granny than she was a mummy. I guess she has learned as most of us grandparents that time passes quickly and soon those little ones will be adults.

So here is to the queen and her consort! Happy 67th anniversary!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

To the North Pole!

First of all let me say thank you to all who lifted up prayers for our trip to the North Pole! The weather was perfect, Baylor was feeling well and we all had a wonderful time. For a child on the autistic spectrum an event like The North Pole Express can be overwhelming but Baylor was a trooper. His therapist told Katy that Baylor is a sensory seeker. He enjoys sights and sounds. Transisiton times are the hardest for our boy so Nana had little bags of skittles in her purse that we handed out as we got settled on the train. Katy brought the ipad and between all of our distractions, the evening went smoothly. And of course, I think a big covering of prayer made all the difference as well.

Waiting on the train...the sun was setting so pardon the shadows on the photograph. You can tell that it was nice and warm...long sleeve shirts were all that was needed last night!

The Brothers Grimm enjoyed the train tracks.

Margaret found an elf!! We had several compliments on our shirts. Thanks to niece, Jessica Grimm, for doing such a great job with our train wear!

This big boy will be one on December 5th!!

Elliott clapping to Jingle Bells.

Baylor enjoyed the train ride...he loved all the Christmas lights on the inside of the train car.

With Santa and Mrs Claus!

Ben and his boys.

Nana and Margaret enjoying their cookies.

Grandpa liked his chocolate milk.

The best part of the whole trip was making memories with our grands.

Friday, November 21, 2014


Yesterday I started the day off with coffee with Susan B, an old friend I had not spent time with in ages. I met Susan when I taught preschool. Her daughter, Sara, was in my class and I quickly fell in love with that young lady. Sara had a six month old brother and Susan was looking for someone to care for him one day a week so she could have time for herself. I volunteered and began a long time relationship with this sweet family. Sara is in college now and Drew( who my family called Precious as they knew how much I loved that boy!) is a junior in high school.  I really enjoyed my time with Susan. We are planning to get together with the children over Christmas break.

Then it was on to Cracker Barrel where I had lunch with my besties. As usual we had a good time discussing life in general. We also did a little shopping at Cracker Barrel while we were there.

Then dinner with my Titus Ladies group from church. Really it was an eating odyssey yesterday! As I am trying to count calories, I had to hold back! Many of my Titus lady friends are readers like me so we always have fun comparing books we have read. At the recommendation of Andrea, I downloaded The Kitchen House to my kindle this morning. I have been having a hard time finding a good book to read since I finished Cutting for Stone! It seems that when I finish a great book, I am dissatisfied with just mediocre books. I do enjoy a good story so if you have any books you can suggest, please leave a comment.

Off to start my shopping for Thanksgiving this morning, This afternoon we head to Birmingham to go to the North Pole Express. Katy said Baylor was a bit under the weather, so prayers for him today. If he is not up to the trip, Nana will stay with him so the rest of the family can enjoy their trip to the North Pole.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Looking back several Thanksgivings ago! There are no pictures of Landon because at this age, he would not let us take his photograph! How he has changed. Now he enjoys mugging for the camera.

Margaret and Ben

Uncle Ben and his favorite niece.

My girlies...

My daughters in love...

Nana and Grandpa with Marg and Baylor.

Amelia and Katy.

Love this one of Kendall and Baylor.

How time flies by!! Now I am busy planning for Thanksgiving 2014!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Around the House

Cold weather has caused me to do a little more hand work this week. I am making good progress on the  wedding sampler I am doing for my nephew, Jeff and his fiance, Sarah.

I am using a new type of variegated thread on this sampler and I really like the effect. The linen has a tea stained look so I think the sampler will turn out looking like an antique.  I will include their monograms and the year of their marriage, 2015!

I have received three pretty Thanksgiving cards from my friends, Gina, Linda and Deborah. I display them on the buffet in the dining room. From the clock you can see I took this picture at seven am! This is the week the children arrive early so I have to take them to school. It just might be a MacDonalds coffee morning today!! There is a MacDonalds on our route to school. I have been wanting to try the new White Mocha Hot Chocolate. It warms me up just thinking of it!!

Today is supposed to be a bit warmer so I have some errands to run! I am looking forward to the weekend's warmer temps even if it does come with rain. This girl was not made for cold weather!!