Friday, October 31, 2014


Well, I got pictures of my grands in their costumes as I will not be home for Trick or Treaters this evening.  I thought you all might enjoy seeing the characters!!

The Hoover Grimmlins enjoyed a Halloween carnival on Wednesday evening. Margaret is Merida from Brave. ( Love that red hair!)  Baylor and Elliott are wearing Batman and Robin tshirts. Baylor will not wear a costume so Mommy had to improvise. Elliott has a costume that his Granny is bringing from Decatur today so maybe next week I will have a picture of him all dressed up for Halloween.  Speaking of Baylor, I am happy to report that he is doing very well with all his therapy. His therapists are surprised at how quickly he is meeting their goals for him. I know that all the prayer warriors who are praying for this little man have been a big part in this success! Thanks to all of you! And he is starting his third week of his special needs preschool and what a difference the weeks have made. When he started there he was not a happy camper but Katy reported that this week, he was all smiles when his teacher came to get him from the car. That makes a Nana's heart very happy. We are so glad for all the help Baylor is receiving in his battle with Autism.

Ok, seriously, I have always wanted to be a redhead! Maybe Margaret will let me borrow her wig!

Leonardo was on his way to school this morning!

And here is Draculara from Monster High.  The dark hair looks good on Miss Kendall.

Have a safe and fun Halloween friends.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I had asked my sister to look for a picture of my great grandmother, Hattie, to add to my genealogy book about the Morris family. Well she has not found the picture that I wanted but she did find this picture of my grandmother, Naomi Swanson Tankersley.  She must have been around nine or ten in this photograph. I love those bows don't you?

We called her Grandmother. I was blessed to have her in my life until my late 30s so she was able to see all my children. The things I remember about my grandmother. She introduced me to sweet tea. We did not drink it at our house but Sunday dinners at her house included that famous Southern Sweet Tea. Whenever you saw Grandmother you were sure to get a hug and a pat on the back. She was enthusiastic with those back pats. Marvin was always worried that she was hurting our babies when she patted them! She did not pass on her green thumb to me. Grandmother could grow any flower or plant. She was a woman of faith and a prayer warrior. When my father was a boy he had appendicitis and almost died from infection.  His doctors told my grandmother that they did not think Daddy would live through the night. She told the story of how she prayed and begged God for her son's life. The doctor told Grandmother that her prayers to God had saved Daddy's life.

Grandmother did not have an easy life. When she was just a little girl her mother died of Tuberculosis. My Papa Swanson was left to raise her with the help of his mother. Papa did remarry to our Mama Swanson, Mary Bell Wilbanks.  I did not realize that Mama Swanson was our step great grandmother until I was a big girl. She loved us all and there was never a thought that she was not our blood relative.   Mama and Papa Swanson went on to have two children of their own but we were all one big happy family. When Grandmother married Granddaddy, she lost their first child. Then she had six more children but lost her oldest daughter to diphtheria. Then she lost another three year old daughter to diphtheria about five years later and my own father came near death at the same time.  How did people live through such things? It is hard to imagine a time when illness regularly claimed young children. Faith in God led my grandparents through the dark days. Grandmother and Granddaddy lived about two miles from us growing fact our whole Tankersley family lived in one community.  I miss both sets of my grandparents. What a blessing it was that I grew up getting that special love that only grandparents can impart to children. I hope that one day my grands will look back fondly at Nana and all that she meant to them. My grands mean the world to me!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

End of the Month

How did October come to a close so quickly? Seems we were just at the beach and now it is time to plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This has been a busy month with so many birthdays and Halloween still to look forward to! I always love seeing my grands dressed up in their costumes.

Today I will be heading to Serra Toyota here in Decatur for an oil change before heading out of town for the weekend. Our service department has a lovely waiting area so I plan to take along my cross stitch and my ipad to keep me busy while I wait. Then I may head to Lowes to purchase some pansies for my garden. It is rainy here today and the temps are supposed to become more fall like in the next few days.  I was glad to hear the thunder and rain during the night. Being the black thumbed person that I am, I had taken up some bushes in an unwanted flower bed near the street and replaced the flower bed with sod. I can keep up with the flower beds by my front door but really did not want additional garden space to weed.  So my new sod is drinking up that lovely rain! My landscaper told me to keep it watered but that rain was preferable!

 I have ordered my turkey breast for Thanksgiving. A local BBQ place here in Priceville does GREAT smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving. We purchased two turkey breasts last year and they were the hit of the dinner. Even our Memphis relatives raved over it. ( Memphis is the home of southern BBQ).

I have some house cleaning to do before the holidays along with having my carpets cleaned. For some reason, cleaning never seems to end here. I really do enjoy getting everything neat and tidy before we settle in for the winter.

Have a lovely Hump Day Blog Friends!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


One of my Facebook Friends posted this to remind everyone that we will go back to Standard Time this weekend. However, I think I will adjust my clocks before going to bed!! Where we live in Alabama we are just at the line that defines Central Time so come December, it begins to get dark here at around 4:30 in the afternoon. It makes for a long winter evening!  I am one of those crazy people who enjoys walking through my home and turning on lamps, closing the plantation shutters and lighting candles. I like to think of Marvin coming home from work to a house that is warm and welcoming with the soft lights glowing.  But like everyone else, come spring time I will be ready to spring forward and get that extra evening sunlight!  Seasons are a blessing and I am glad I live where I can enjoy the changing landscapes!

Monday, October 27, 2014


I have been doing counted cross stitch for over 30 years now. My friend, Rebekah Cox, introduced me to the craft when we were friends in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  As anyone who does needlework can attest, it is a calming exercise that produces a lovely finished product.

I saw this tee shirt online the other day and I had to chuckle.  There is a bit of truth in those words.  Cross stitching helps me to calm down if I am upset, it gives me time to think over problems and I just enjoy doing it! My mother and my mother in law used their needlework to help them get through the long days of care giving when their husbands were in the last stages of life.  My mother produced many pretty embroidered pillowcases while my mother in law crocheted special pieces for her family. My mother in law told me that many of her worries were crocheted into those pieces. I totally understand.

I have been lax in my cross stitching for the past year or so but over the weekend I paid a visit to my favorite cross stitch store, The Cross Stitch Peddler, where I spent some quality time with the owner, Marlene.  I picked out a pretty sampler to do for my nephew who will be getting married soon and I also purchased some fun easy patterns for Christmas.

As you can see I have already started on the sampler. And yes, I have to use a magnifier but it fits easily on my q snaps and helps me to count on that pesky linen!

If you are having a hard time, sit down and create something.... a flower arrangement, a tableau for your coffee table or working in a journal. It will lift your spirits and take you away from whatever storm is brewing in your life.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October Memories

Tate Farms is a big farm in Meridianville, Alabama that opens its doors every fall for visitors to enjoy their autumn spectacular. We took Kendall when she was two, right before Landon was born. Then three years ago we took Landon and Margaret. I thought you might enjoy seeing these two on the farm. As I look at the pictures I realize what BIG kids my grands are becoming!!

There are lots of things to do on the farm. Landon liked anything that looked like a car or tractor!

Swings and climbing old tractor tires was great fun too!

Horse swings...

On the corn train. Margaret would not ride unless Nana went too! How I got in and out of that thing, I have no idea!!

Driving a tractor...

On the wagon to the pumpkin patch!! Oh those sweet chubby faces( Not me and Grandpa!) are going to make me tear up!

Waiting to pay for our punkins!! Nana and Grandpa were glad to have this wagon to pull the punkins and the kiddos along in!

On the ride home...Bubba conked out but Margaret was still talking a mile a minute!!

Happy Golden Days as Laura Ingalls Wilder would say!

Friday, October 24, 2014


It is Friday again and I have a busy day in store. I have a coffee cake in the oven as it is a MOPs morning and I have to take a sweet snack. If you have never tried the Krusteaz Crumb Cake then you are missing a treat!

A friend of mine shared this mix with me years ago and I think it is one of the best coffee cake mixes on the market.  I use two packages to make a 9 by 13 coffee cake. I also add a powdered sugar glaze to the top for some extra flavor and prettiness! My friend, Susan B, said that her mom made this up in the 9 by 13 pan for a church bake sale and EVERYONE wanted her recipe!!  I hope my MOPs moms will enjoy it.

And I have errands to run as usual. I have several gifts to purchase so I will be off to TJ Maxx after MOPs to search out something special.  Then to the grocery store!

Over the weekend I hope to work on some Christmas projects. I will also make a trip to the Cross Stitch shop as one of my nephews is getting married and I need to get started on a project for him and his bride.

Before I leave you, I had to share this cute picture of Landon that was taken at the Pumpkin Patch. His kindergarten class had a fun time at Tate Farms last week. He and Mommy took in all the fun things to do at this famous NoAla fall travel destination.

I just LOVE this scarecrow!!