Saturday, August 29, 2015

More Oils

Most of you know of my love for Young Living Essential Oils, well I also love oil paintings!!:)

As promised here is the second post about my shopping expedition to Downtown Decatur. After leaving Pineapples empty handed, I headed to Bank Street and Tammy Eddy's Antiques. Tammy is such a gracious southern lady and she has impeccable taste. If I need some eye candy, I always head to Tammy's store for a stroll among her treasures.  I should have taken some photos of the inside of her store but you can find her on Facebook as Tammy Eddy Antiques...she has lots of photographs of the interior of her store on her page. 

On Thursday I hit the jackpot as she had all her oil paintings on sale for 75% off!! With plans for our cabin in the works, I knew I could use some extra pieces for my own home as well as the cabin. And at 75% off, I did not hesitate to choose some oils. 

I chose this piece for my guest room as I plan to take the print that I had over the bed to the cabin. It had a little chipping  at the top of the painting but I was able to fix that with no problem at all.

And here it is in place. I will probably add a frame to it at a later date.

Here is my favorite and it is now in the living room! I just loved this gracious interior! And don't you like my easel? This little blue chair was in my husband's Sunday School Class when he was a little boy. My mother in law grabbed several of them before they were tossed in the dumpster during a church remodel. 

Here are my choices for the cabin. We hope to have a rustic, rural look there as it is on my family farm.

We have to have a chicken picture!!

And I just liked this one. Still lifes have always appealed to me.  I have quite the stash of things for the cabin now. We sent in our final revisions to John, who is drawing up our plans. Once we have those we will get serious about getting the site prepared and choosing a builder. My brother in law, Bruce, has been such a help in advising us on who to hire to do what!!  Another blessing of a small town is that everyone has connections.

We had a great MOPs meeting yesterday and I will be blogging about that on Monday! Have a blessed weekend friends.

Friday, August 28, 2015


Pineapple's in downtown Decatur is one of my favorite stores to visit when I am on Second Avenue. I had not shopped there in a while so I decided to drop in and check out their goods. It is a home accents and seasonal decorating store so I thought it would put me in the mood for fall decorating.

The owner was setting up an outside display as I arrived. She said business had been very slow in August so she was hoping shoppers would flock in for their fall decorating needs.

Everything looked very festive. And it seems lights are everywhere this fall. See those illuminated pumpkins?

Most everything on display had a Halloween theme while I like more of a Fall theme myself.

Inside the store there were more things to see.

Seasonal wreaths are one of the specialities at Pineapples. You can even order your own Alabama or Auburn wreath to display on your door on Gameday. I did like the little witches hat hanger. It would look cute on my back door!

But I was not in the mood to purchase Halloween displays just yet, so I headed down to Bank Street to Tammy Eddy Antiques, another favorite shop, and guess what I found there??? I will post pictures tomorrow!!

And now I am off to MOPs this morning! I am ready to kick off another year with my young friends. They are so sweet and such a blessing to me. My blog friend, Mari ( My Little Corner of the World)  is also going to be a MOPs mentor this year. I told her that she would love it!  Mentoring is a great way to make an impact on the next generations!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Soccer Nights!

There goes my Landon in the blue...chasing that soccer ball! One of the dad's on the team took this great photo. When I was showing it to Landon, he tells me "That is Jace. He is one of my best friends at school but he is on the other team!!"  I responded, "I guess that must be hard to play against your friend." He just nodded solemnly in reply.

It reminded me of the Bible verse, A friend loveth at all times.  Proverbs 17:17 ( You can tell I memorized my Bible Verses in KJV!)  I think Landon realizes that friendship is more important than soccer.

Today is friend day here in Alabama. Susan, Deborah and I will be having lunch at Food Fite on the river, the Tennessee River that is.  We have been having lunch together every Thursday for approximately 15 years. It is probably longer than that but it has been so long I have forgotten. Not much keeps us from meeting on Thursdays. Sickness and Travel have been the big two with Travel being number one.  Don't you like the name Food Fite? The restaurant is owned by the Fite family and they were creative in naming their eatery. It is such a beautiful day that we might just sit on the patio and enjoy our lunch!! I have heard from many of my northern blog friends that they are not ready for the summer to come to an end. I can understand that..their long cold winters make them long for warmer temps. Here in the south, we have had the long hot summer and we are ready for some cooler days. I am sure, come January, I will be remembering the hot summer with yearning as well.

Have a blessed day friends.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Think Fall and Christmas!!

A friend of mine had posted this on her facebook page this morning!!  When I look at those numbers I know all those special days will be here before we know it!! 92 Days until Thanksgiving!! So glad I have my Thanksgiving sampler done!!

I picked it up at the framer yesterday! I was very happy with how it turned out! I like the barn red frame.

Now I need to get that Christmas sampler finished up. If you enjoy cross stitch check out Priscillas blog on my blog roll. She just completed a pretty fall wreath with a small sampler inserted in the middle! It is darling and gave me some ideas for using smaller pieces of needlework.

And here is a good site to order patterns and supplies if you do not have a cross stitch store or Hobby Lobby  They offer great sales on patterns as well. Since I have a wonderful cross stitch shop here in town, I use it! I want them to stay in business. Some days you want to stitch and you do not want to wait for supplies to arrive via snail mail.  But if my shop should close, I am glad to know about this site!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Around the House

I had another quiet day at home yesterday which was much needed! In fact this week looks to be one that I can get a lot of chores accomplished if I will just hop to it!  Yesterday, I took my camera and walked around the house, snapping some pictures of things I have done and will do this week.

Some happies are ready to go to friends....I love to come bearing gifts! Usually it is not much but we all like to get an unexpected gift. Marvin buys his coffee at Starbucks so I save these nice bags and recycle them. I found some pretty green and red plaid tissue paper that matches the green on the bags. The Marie Claire magazine is one that I signed up for with the kiddos school magazine drive. I glance at it to see the "trends" then pass it on to Amelia, who is much more stylish than her mom!!

A project that I need to finish up! Sandy at I Majored in Home Economics, shared the new system she came up with for storing her DMC thread. A Sandwich bag, an index card and a sharpie area all you need to keep those threads organized and ready to use. Previously my floss was stuffed in a container that used less space but was very hard to keep organized. I liked Sandy's idea and I know it will work better for me.  Those pretty blue shoe boxes will look nice in my craft room as well.

I am making progress on my Christmas sampler.  I am off today to pick up my Thanksgiving sampler at the framers.

MOPs starts this week and I have been looking over our books for this year. The theme is A Fierce Flourishing. I have the devotion on Friday so I was looking for ideas to go along with our theme. The little purple book you see in the photo is similar to one that all the moms will receive on Friday.  We are focusing on Gratitude and this year we hope to spend some time each week writing down things we are grateful for in our lives.  And the fan....I got that fan several years ago on a vacation to St Louis. It was very hot and McDonalds was giving out fans in the park. Being at the stage of life that includes hot flashes...this little fan is a life saver!!

I just finished this book by Bill and Jen, stars of The Little Couple on tv. It is a reality show that I enjoy very much.  Their book is a collaboration of what it was like growing up as a little person and how they met, married and became parents.  I admire them for all they have accomplished and the physical hurdles that they deal with on a daily basis.

I just started this book. I saw Mr Hill on a documentary about the Kennedy assassination and I found him very interesting. When I saw that he had written a book about his time as Jackie Kennedy's Secret Service Agent, I put it on my To Be Read List. Our Priceville library had it on the shelf last week to my surprise!

So that is what is happening at Nana's house this week. And I have to add, I just stepped outside to get the newspaper  and it is 62 degrees this morning. I may have to get a long sleeved shirt for my walk. Fall is on the way!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend but believe it or not, Nana did not get any pictures of the kiddos while they were here on Saturday. Grandpa and I were pretty busy!

Ben and Katy were at their Decatur townhouse, getting it spruced up to go on the market. Katy's mom, Granny Pat, watched the kiddos in the morning and then Nana and Grandpa had evening shift. They arrived at lunchtime. I had Margaret's grilled cheese sandwich made just like she liked it! And cut into four squares of course which is so important! Chicken nuggets for the boys rounded out the meal. After lunch, Aunt Mimi took Margaret along with her family to go bowling. Margaret had a blast being with the big cousins. Baylor and Elliott enjoyed playing in the play room. I had gone downstairs to start on dinner and when I got back upstairs all three were sound asleep. Wish I had had my camera with me for that shot. So I tiptoed back downstairs and finished up some more meal prep.

At the end of the day, I had a nice Roast Beef meal on the table. Who doesn't enjoy some comfort food after a long day of cleaning and painting? Ben and Katy were very appreciative and we sent them on their way home with some left overs.

Sunday was church and as we had been on the road for the last two Sundays we were so glad to be back with our church family. A baptism and a good sermon were just what we needed after our busy week.

I look forward to seeing what everyone did over the weekend. Have a blessed week!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Cow Girl

Just call Margaret a modern cow girl. She was so excited when her Aunt Christy who lives in Texas sent her a pair of cowboy boots!

Katy says that Margaret never wants to take them off!

I love the look Margaret! She is quite the little fashionista and comes up with some interesting styles.

I will have Margaret, Baylor and Elliott today while Ben and Katy spruce up their Decatur townhouse to sell it. They have rented it since they moved to Birmingham but have decided they would like to get rid of the responsiblity. Heaven knows they have enough in their plate so please send up a prayer that the townhouse sells quickly!   Kendall and Landon are coming over to see their cousins today and it is always fun for me to see the five of them interact together.  Busy day but a good one!!