Friday, February 27, 2015

Our Home

Marvin braved the snow yesterday to get out and get a few snow pictures of our house.

A friend suggested we put up lights and a Christmas wreath and photograph our homes to use for the 2015 Christmas Card.  She is welcome to do so but I am too lazy and I really do not want to think about Christmas right now. I am thinking of Easter, warm temps, a new Easter Dress and singing He Lives!

Our Town Houses are built in units of three. Here we are in the middle with our great neighbors on either side.

We are fortunate to have a lot of pretty trees round about us and they were so beautiful in their snow costumes.

Well the snow is still on the ground but the roads are clear so I will venture out today to get groceries and run a few errands. One of my good friends from Nursing School is coming to spend the night with me. We are planning a little girls get away for the 5th Floor girls as we call ourselves. I have not seen her in YEARS so it will be so fun to be together.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Nine inches of snow here in North Alabama!!That is a rarity my friend. Of course everyone is enjoying a snow day!

Here is how it started...

The snow flakes were so big and fluffy!

The snow quickly covered the ground.

And this morning...

No cars are out on my street!

And of course Nana has to share pictures of the grands...

Kendall and Landon out in the snow last night.

Margaret out early this morning. Birmingham only got a dusting.

Baylor was happy to see the snow too!

Elliott was not sure what all the fuss was about!

Southerners get absolutely giddy when it snows here. But this Nana is hoping that this is Old Man Winter's Last Hurrah!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My New Toy

For years I have wanted a Kitchen Aid Mixer! I really could not justify purchasing one when the stand mixer I own was perfectly adequate for my needs.  However, we can all give in to temptation every now and then!

When I saw this model on sale and in the pretty apple green color I was looking for, I could not resist.  Isn't it beautiful??? My kitchen is decorated in white, black and cobalt blue with touches of this apple green for a pop. So my cheery green mixer will add a bright touch on baking days.  And just in case you are wondering, that is Alfred, one time footman at Downton Abbey, who graces today's Downton Abbey Page a Day Calendar.

Included in my purchase were several neat attachments including this one which I feel will be my favorite.

This attachment will be perfect for creaming sugar and butter for cookies and frostings.  Of course, Marvin and I do not need a lot of sweets but I enjoy baking things for friends and neighbors.

And my old mixer will not go to waste as I am giving it to my daughter in law, Katy, who is looking forward to getting a stand mixer. I think my old mixer still has lots of work to do before it is ready for the garbage can! Recycling at its best!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

An Evening with Mr Lightfoot

My Valentine purchased tickets for us to see Gordon Lightfoot in concert in Huntsville. So last night we bundled up and drove to the Von Braun Civic Center for the eight o'clock concert.  Marvin and I had to laugh as we entered the concert hall....the baby boomers were out in force! There were a few younger people there but for the most part it was the Geritol crowd as my sweet husband put it!  There was still a bit of spark in us as we clapped and hooted for our favorite songs.

Gordon Lightfoot was one of our favorite performers when we were dating. So when he sang, Beautiful, we held hands and remembered the good ole days. It was "our song". Of course he did The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and If You Could Read My Mind...probably his best known songs. I am going to be honest and say that his voice at age 76 is not what it was when he was younger but I will give credit to anyone who can still tour and give 2 hour concerts at his age.

In 2002, he suffered a ruptured aortic aneurysm and was in a coma for six weeks, in the hospital for three months. In 2006 he suffered a minor stroke and had to do much rehab to be able to play his guitar again. My hat is off to you Gordon Lightfoot! And several years ago on his way home from a dental appointment, he heard on the radio that he had died.:) He quickly put that rumor to rest.

It is good to think back to your younger days, things have changed in 38 years but the memories are sweet!!

I have a guest post on Kindred Hearts Cafe today. Please stop by and visit this fun blog where kindred hearts gather to visit.

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Baby Shower, Snowbirds and a Movie

Our weekend started Friday with a movie...Hitchcock.

Marvin and I came upon this movie while channel surfing for something to watch Friday evening. It was made in 2012 but I had never heard of it.  We really enjoyed this movie about Alfred Hitchcock as he filmed the movie, Psycho. Anthony Hopkins played Hitchcock while Helen Mirren played his wife, Alma Reville.  With such sterling performers as the stars of this movie, how could it be bad?

On Saturday morning I went to a baby shower for a young friend. How I wish I had taken my camera as this shower would have been a good blog post.  The theme of the shower was books and the guests were greeted on the front porch with a table stacked with books and a little chalk board sign with a quote about the importance of books in a child's life.  Inside, the food table was so sweet...hummus and carrots were served next to the book, Peter Rabbit.  Meatballs near Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,  Little Ham sandwiches and deviled eggs tinted green were served next to the book, Green Eggs and Ham. And for Dessert we had Cookies and Milk next to If You Give A Mouse a Cookie.  Books were used through out the home as decoration and as a  reader, I just loved this theme. Each guest brought a book along with their gift and believe it or not, there were no duplicates for the sweet baby. As we left the party, Moon Pies were placed by the door as a little take home...and the book? Good Night Moon of course.

Saturday afternoon, we welcomed Marvin's first cousin, Bill and his wife, Sue. They spent the night with us on their way home from their winter vacation to Florida and Alabama's Gulf Coast.

I had the guest room ready for them with a bowl full of Lindor's truffles. Unfortunately we did not get any pictures of them while they were here. We just enjoyed visiting and eating!  Marvin does not get to visit with his Grimm Family very often so it is always a treat to see them.

We ended the weekend as most people did, watching Downton Abbey.  I am so sad as this series comes to a close and I have read that the next season will be the last.  I can see that Mr. Fellowes is wrapping up some story lines as he prepares to end his saga. I have to say that I am so irritated with the whole Mr Green's mysterious death plotline. It was enough that Bates was in prison, let's not have Anna going there!

We are having more school delays this morning...please spring come soon!

Saturday, February 21, 2015


I do not know about you but I am finding that housekeeping is harder as I get older. In my young days I could clean my house in one day, top to bottom.( Of course my houses were not as big as the one we have now.) In fact my dear husband called my housekeeping, Cleaning Aerobics, as I flew around the house!! Now I clean certain rooms on certain days...and I will admit to resting between chores.  The housekeeping chore that really gives me a challenge is mopping.  With hardwood floors and ceramic tiles in most of the rooms, I have to mop. Swiffering only keeps the mopping at bay!  And with hardwood floors, I try to mop, then use a microfiber mop head to get up all the water so it does not damage the floors. It is quite a task.

So when I saw this advertised on tv, I was intrigued.

When it showed up at a local store, I decided to give it a try. One of the things I liked about it was that I could control the amount of water I used and no wringing out mops.

Here it is ready for duty!!

And the results? I was very pleased with how it worked and I think it will help me to mop more often instead of putting it off with a Swiffer wet pad. And I dare to dream it will replace those swiffers all together.  There are some things you need to be aware of in using this product....

1. Do not fill the bucket above the water level marked on the inside.
2. Practice with the foot pump to determine how wet or dry you want your mop head to be.
3. It takes a moment to get the mop head in "mopping position" after you remove it from the wringer.  I am learning that it is best to just shake the mop a bit before putting it on the floor to mop.

I just hope that the wringing mechanism holds up because that is the genius part of this mopping system.  Over all I am pleased with my purchase and it does make mopping much easier.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Round Two

Well here we sit this morning waiting for more snow and ice. Schools were cancelled and there are lots of happy kiddos, maybe not so happy parents!  We are having some weekend guests so I am taking this day home alone, to cook and clean.  Marvin's first cousin, Bill, and his wife, Sue, are in route from the sunny Gulf Coast back to their home in Chicago.  I am glad that our home is on the way and we can enjoy a visit with our Grimm family.  On the menu, Lasagna and for dessert, Key Lime Cake.  I have given up chocolate for Lent so I decided to make a dessert without chocolate so I would not be tempted. Is that cheating?

Last night I enjoyed a girls outing to a Young Living Essential Oils meeting here in town. Four of us hopped in my van and headed out to Trinity, AL. What a great turn out for Myra's class. I always learn something new and two of my friends are new "oilers" so they really were impressed with all the uses for their YLEOs.  Three of us are old RNs and each of us shared how skeptical we were on hearing about oils and our amazement that they do work!  All I can say is that they have really improved my quality of life and I am not taking lots of OTCs and prescription meds.  As I have shared before, my husband's looming retirement and OBama care motivated me to become healthier and oils have certainly assisted in that plan.  If any of my local ladies are interested in learning more about Young Living, I would be happy to  do a class sharing this product.  I first found out about YLEO from reading Myra's blog, My Blessed Life, and from Jenn's blog, Sweet T Makes Three.  You learn all sorts of things from bloggers!!

Today as I clean, I will be using a new product that I saw on a TV infomercial. I will be doing a review on it tomorrow, pro or con. I am hoping it is a pro!! So be sure and check in to see what Nana bought!