Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Points of Light

My nursing school days were long ago but I am grateful for the experiences I had, the fellow nursing students who are still friends and the great eduation I received in my Diploma Nursing Program. Diploma Nurses are a thing of the past now. We went to school for three years, non stop and we learned so much as we were put through our paces! When we graduated we were ready to give skilled nursing care in many areas. Today most nurses have a Bachelor of Science degree but not so much clinical experience. They get that on the job these days. ( Doesn't that make you feel safe and secure?) Of course I am biased on this subject! My nursing school room mate, Karen, had a physician say to her, "Where did you go to school and get out with two years of experience?" She was happy to tell him, Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing. Now the school is a BS program that is a part of Mercer University and the old hospital is Atlanta Medical Center. Our dormitory is now a flashy apartment building for students who go to school in Atlanta colleges and universities.  But I still have my memories and I can always beat my husband when the medical categories come up on Jeopardy!  I am glad to be one of the 5081 points of light that Georgia Baptist sent out into the world!

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Life Well Lived

I am back home after a quick trip to Georgia. My dad's younger sister, Jannelle, passed away on Thursday and her funeral was yesterday. It is hard to say good bye to someone you have known all your life and loves you and prays for you.

This is a picture of my aunt with three of her six children.  Aunt Jannelle got married as a teenager and had five children. She thought her family was complete but God surprised her with a baby who was born in the early 1970s...Chris. Chris was a Down's baby who required a lot of care but my aunt was up for it. She cared for him in her home until he was able to go and live in a group home where he lived happily until his death. Aunt Jannelle's oldest daughter and my favorite cousin, Carolyn, died of complications from Lupus.  In addition to burying two children she  lost two husbands and was a fortunate lady to have found three good husbands. Al, who she had been married to for almost six years at the time of her death, lost a precious wife.  She was truly the matriarch of her family. She was loved by all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She not only took care of her family but cared deeply for her extended family and friends. Her funeral was a celebration of her life and both of the preachers who spoke at her funeral were quick to point out that her resiliency came from her faith in God. She certainly had a life that had many trials but she was a happy person and did not allow herself to have a pity party. I have always admired her sweet spirit.  I would like to ask all my blog friends if they would remember this family in prayer this week as they grieve the loss of their Mama and Grandmama.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Steve Bones

My friend, Susan, who happens to live up the street from me put out an interesting Halloween display this year. Steve Bones is his name.

I just love his party hat!!

I told the children we were going to stop and see Steve Bones after school.

Even Steve looks a bit scared in this picture!! Now we will have to wave to Steve on our way to and from school until Halloween.

Yesterday was also team spirit day in Landon's Kindergarten class....

He made a Tiger hat to wear along with his Auburn shirt. Here in Alabama you are either for Auburn or Alabama. As a citizen of this state, you must pick a side!:)  At Nanaland we are Alabama fans but to each his own.

And today we will be celebrating Landon's 6th birthday. His actual birthday is on October 27th but this was the best day for the Grimm side of the family to celebrate.

It looks like it is going to be a beautiful fall day here...the sun is shining and the sky is October blue.  Have a blessed weekend blog friends.

Friday, October 17, 2014

On the Farm

My niece, Laura, took this photo from the car on the way up the hill at my parents farm. I thought it was a pretty shot of the hills and mountains. I love the fact that you can see a patch of sunshine on Grassy Mountain.  And the blue sky is shining through after days of rain! It is good to take time to notice these little gifts from God that surround us. I know I am often "too busy" to stop and enjoy them.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I have made some bad decisions in the book aisle at Target in the last week or so. I had picked up some fairly inexpensive books that looked interesting and both were duds! I will be adding them to my Paperback Swap account so at least I can swap these books for some that I might like! Why did I give in to temptation? Because I had not made time to get downtown to the library! Yesterday I was feeling blue...the dreary weather here and some family worries had me down, so I made it a priority to go to the library! When I walked inside I was met with this scene....

I had forgotten that it was time for the annual library quilt show. Needlework and books are two of my favorite things. I do not quilt but I appreciate all the time and effort put into making these works of art. You can click on the photographs to see these beauties in more detail.

The seasonal quilts with their colorful fabrics are always my favorites.

I just have to think that the quilt on the right was made by a nana for a grandson!

The quilt of ships caught my eye as well.  Every library patron is allowed to vote on their favorite quilt. I am still mulling over my decision.

In addition to admiring all the quilts I picked up some books that look like they might be just right for this reader!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

At the Movies

Kendall, Landon and I joined a theater FULL of other grandparents, parents and children yesterday to see Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day yesterday. Tuesday was the last day of fall break and for those who were not lucky enough to go away for the long weekend, a movie seemed like a good idea.

We saw previews for other family friendly movies so now Kendall and Landon have a list of movies that they want to see. One was the new Sponge Bob movie that comes out in 2015...sorry but Nana will not be springing for that one. Ask your parents!

I loved the book Alexander etc so I was wondering how the movie makers could take a children's book and make it into an hour and a half long movie. ( I had the same thoughts about Polar Express and I must say, that one was quite good.)  This movie is very loosely based on the book but it was entertaining.

Here is the premise...Alexander feels like he is a misfit in his family of perfect people. His mom is in publishing and is hoping to be made the new vice president. Dad is a PhD engineer who has been laid off from his aerospace job and is now a Fommy....a Father Mommy.  He is very positive all the time and knows something better is just around the corner. Jennifer Garner and Steve Carell are very believable in their roles. Alexander's teenage brother, Anthony, is dating the prettiest girl in school and is just a very nice guy. Sister Emily has snagged the lead role of Peter Pan in the middle school play and baby Trevor is so cute and lovable that no one can resist him. They are the Super Coopers....well except for Alexander who is at that awkward age and he has one of those TERRIBLE days on the day before his 12th birthday. When he tries to tell his family about it at the dinner table, he is largely overlooked. So at midnight, Alexander sneaks down to the kitchen to make himself a birthday sundae and wishes that his family could have a terrible horrible no good very bad day. And so the next day is an EPIC BAD Day for the Super Coopers.

The movie was entertaining...a few remarks that I could have done without hearing but overall a goofy and fun film. With Steve Carell as the dad, how could it be anything but goofy. I have to admit I love his comedy.  A very big positive of this movie is that it shows an intact family who love each other and kids who are not obnoxious. The siblings squabble but at heart they are good kids.  I would give it three out of five stars.  My grands enjoyed it. We had a good time talking about several of the themes of the movie and we all agreed that if you have a bad day, that it is only temporary. Think positive like the movie dad, Ben Cooper.

And for us older viewers, Dick Van Dyke made a cameo appearance. He is reading a book for children at a local bookstore and after looking at the young children he says, "Ask your parents who I am...or your grandparents!" I had to chuckle at that line.

So if you are looking for  a way to pass some time with a school age grandchild, this is a pretty good movie to see.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Break

Today is the second day of fall break for Kendall and Landon. Yesterday they went to the McWane Center in Birmingham with Dad and Tara. They had a good time at this hands on learning center.
Kendall and baby sister, Raegan, playing the piano.

Raegan and Landon...and Tara can be seen in the mirror taking the photo!! I know the kiddos had a fun day off from school.

Today we spent the morning making birthday cards for Grandpa who celebrates his birthday on the 19th. Landon's drawing of Grandpa's cake had QUITE a few candles on it! Later this afternoon we will go to the movie to see Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. The book by Judith Viorst, was always a favorite of mine.  I hope it is good. The cost of movies today makes you want a refund if you did not enjoy the film!

One of the reasons we chose the movie for an activity today is that the weather here has been dark and stormy. Lots of trees and limbs down due to wind, while some trees have fallen because the ground is so saturated.

Time to get busy doing chores and I may put my grands to work!