Saturday, April 18, 2015

Simply Beautiful

With all the gloomy weather we have been having this little graphic is going to be my motto for today. And speaking of beautiful....

Nana had to share this photo of Margaret. Her mommy is so sweet to send Nana pictures of my girlie all ready for church.  Don't you just love her big blue bow? A little Southern girl is not ready for church without a bow!

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. We will be celebrating with granddaughter, Kendall, tomorrow as she is having a birthday party. She will turn nine next Saturday. Where has the time gone? And I am on the hunt for a Japanese maple tree for my front flower beds today. Wish me luck! They are my favorite ornamental and it is proving hard to find one in my price range!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

On the Bus

As well as walking I am riding a Bus...the Bible Bus that is.  The late Reverend J Vernon McGee had the foresight to tape his five year inductive Bible Study and I am so glad he did.  He likes to refer to his study as being on the Bible Bus!  I just noticed that three years ago this month, I began my study with Dr McGee to study each book in the Bible.  I have read through the Bible five times but I was determined to do a study of each book of the Bible.  Dr McGee can be heard each day on BBN but I find that his Through The Bible App is best for me. By downloading this app, I have access to his studies and can proceed at my own speed. I try to listen to one lesson each day but some days that just does not happen so I can catch up later.

Here is a photograph of Dr McGee. I find it helps me to listen better if I have a face to put with the voice. And Dr McGee has a very distinctive voice!  Although he passed away in 1988, his ministry is still going on and what a blessing it has been to many people like me who wish to study the Bible but are not up to going to seminary!! Right now we are in 1st Peter and I have to say that I look forward to sitting in my favorite chair in the bedroom, taking my Bible and my Ipad and enjoying some time in the Word.

There are many Bible teachers available to us in this day and time, some technology is really useful!! How about you? Do you have a favorite Bible study that you are doing? I would love to hear about it!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mall Walking

With all the rain we have been getting, our May flowers should be GAWGUS!!( That's gorgeous for all you non Southerners!)  But rain means that if I want to get my walking in I must head to the Decatur Mall. Thankfully it is not far away and as I was walking yesterday I was considering the pros and cons of mall walking.

Here are the pros...

1. Trees without pollen. The rain should get rid of the pollen but I am finding that since I diffuse Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint YLEOS, I have no problems with seasonal allergies.

2. You can check out what's playing at the movies. My daughter saw The Longest Ride and really enjoyed it. The last movie I saw was Cinderella.

3. You know which Holiday is coming up next...Mothers Day Gifts were on display at Hallmark.

4. You can plan your fall wardrobe for Alabama Football.

5. Having breakouts???Get your ProActive from this machine!! Ladies, it has been quite a while since I have shopped at the mall, being a TJ Maxx gal, but I was amazed at all the things you can get from machines now!!

6. Need a prom dress???? You can find one here.

7. Saving the best for last. We ladies of a certain age, like to know there is a clean facility for the mall walkers. I have to say that when I go early in the morning, I am surprised at the large number of people using the mall for exercise. Most of them are older folks but some of them can really motor along.  Of course the mall is cool in the summer and warm in the excuses for not getting those 10,000 steps in!! Thanks to the mall for making their property available for the community.

Now to the cons...

1. It sure is hard to exercise when you can smell cookies baking. I try to get to the mall early for this temptation when the cookie store is closed.

2. Dippin Dots in a MACHINE!! What will they think of next?

3. A nice place to sit and watch other people walk...uh, no, you are here to make it around the mall five times!!

4. If you are like me and get distracted by pretty dresses and shoes, the mall might not be the place for you to exercise. :) And I want everyone to know I took these photos on my cool down jaunt around the mall.

Over all I think I will be using the mall several days a week for my exercise. As I said before, as long as the mall is there and it is open I have no excuse NOT to walk. I will also say that my FitBit has really encouraged me to exercise. Even at home, if I am watching tv, I take time during the commercials to get up and a small chore or put something away!  I am slowly learning that eating less and exercising is the proper way to stay in shape? Who Knew???

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Brighten the Corner Where You Are

How many of you remember that old song? Well at my house, I have a corner in the kitchen that seemed pretty bare after all the Easter decorations were put away. So I went shopping. Not to the store mind you but upstairs in my attic room where I keep all of my decor items. I was looking for a chalk board that I had stored there last year. After I located the board, I headed to Hobby Lobby as I needed some craft items. There I found the CHALK pens that so many are using right now to make cute chalk boards. I needed one of these as my friend, Susan, had given me some little chalk board tags in my Valentine Goodies and I needed a chalk pen in order to write neatly upon them.  After consulting with one of the Hobby Lobby workers, I found what I needed. It was about four dollars but I am hoping it will last a while. I came home and added a quote to my board then placed it in the corner of the breakfast bar! IT did brighten the corner!!

I had purchased this cute board with our family name on it from a young lady who was making them several years ago. I put it away because my chalk skills with a regular piece of chalk left much to be desired.  I am very pleased with my chalk pen...I love this quote too. I found it in Gretchen Rubin's book, Happier at Home.  That is my home is very special to me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cleaning Day

Tuesdays are my big cleaning day. Bathrooms and bedrooms are attacked first, sheets changed, towels washed and dried and dust, dust, dust!  I love getting into my cozy bed on Tuesday nights because clean sheets are one of the things in this life that I really enjoy!

Today when I change my sheets, I will be adding these pretty pillowcases to the bed. My 84 year old Mother, spends a lot of her time doing hand work. She had eight pairs of pillowcases embroidered and she let me choose the set I wanted. I chose the pansies as that is my husband's late grandmother's name.
Mother told me that when she was not doing hand work she was reading...that sounds good to me! I hope I can see well enough when I am 84 to do handwork. She also embroiders without a hoop! I find I have to have one to get the results I want but Mother does great without it.

My Thieves cleaner will be diluted and used on multiple surfaces in my house today. I really like to use it for the bathroom as it is a true germ killer. This bottle will last me for months.

And while I am cleaning, this Jade Lemon oil will be diffusing throughout the downstairs of our townhome. It is my new favorite oil for diffusing. It is an oil from china and while it has a lemon scent, there is something that is just different about really lifts my spirits.

So that is my Tuesday! I need to put away the computer and get BUSY!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

The MOPscars!

On Friday, the MOPscars were given out to the most deserving MOPs..mothers of preschoolers. Of course all mothers of preschoolers should be given awards for getting through the day!! We wanted to celebrate our special moms with some cute awards. We also set up a red carpet and a photo booth.

Props for the photo booth.

Some of the MOPs really got into the spirit of the day!

More MOPs...

Our steering committee had fun deciding who would win the MOPscars this year.

Our MOPs thankful to First Bible for allowing us to use their facilities and they provide child care!! This is a great blessing as most MOPs groups have to pay for their own childcare. FBC sees MOPs as a ministry to the young moms of Decatur.

Some of our fearless all my MOPs ladies. They are such a blessing to me. This is my third year as a mentor and I am looking forward to Year Four.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happy Siblings Day...A Day Late!

Apparently, yesterday was Siblings Day...Who Knew? Not me until I was looking at Facebook yesterday.

Here is a picture of me and my Daddy and my sisters. It was taken about 1969 I would guess.  We were on our way to church when Mother snapped this one.

I am so thankful for my sisters. They are truly a blessing to me!! Kristi is three years younger than me and Leta is seven years younger than me.  They keep things going in Georgia while I live here in North Alabama!