Friday, April 18, 2014

Waiting for Sunday!!

Up From the Grave He Arose is one of my favorite Easter hymns!! Thanks to my friend, Curt, for sharing this image on his Facebook Page so that I could share it on my blog.

If you have not seen the video, The Easter Hallelujah by Kelley Mooney.....please google it and listen. Tears ran down my face as I listened to this beautiful rendition of a secular song. Leonard Cohen wrote the song, Hallelujah and Kelley Mooney wanted to write a spiritual version of Jesus's death and resurrection using his music. Well all I can say is that she did an outstanding job.(Miss Mooney did wait two years to get his mechanical rights to the music so she followed all the rules!) I downloaded The Easter Hallelujah to my Itunes and I know I will listen to it quite a bit this weekend. My hubs, Mar, who is a music expert, agreed with me that this is a great song.

I am going to take tomorrow off to celebrate the Easter weekend. We have Kendall's 8th birthday party tomorrow and all my children and grandchildren will be there so I am one happy camper.  Hoping to get a photo of all five children together. Kendall has offered to hold Elliott!!  I am going to take my sis in law's suggestion and carry a bag of skittles to pass out to get them to sit and cooperate.

Have a blessed Easter dear friends. He is Risen!! He is Risen Indeed!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nothing Like a Dame

I had reported earlier in the year that Angela Lansbury and Penelope Keith would be receiving the title of Dame for their achievements in the arts. And this week it happened in London. Here is a picture of Angela Lansbury receiving her honor from Queen Elizabeth. I hope I am as active as these two are when I am an octogenarian. For those of us who know and love Miss Lansbury, you might be interested to know that she was born in England and holds dual citizenship in the United States and Great Britain.

Here are the two lovely ladies!!

If you love Brit Coms, you will be familiar with the name, Penelope Keith. Ms Keith starred in Good Neighbors and To the Manor Born which can be seen here in the states on many PBS channels. Penelope also received the title, Dame Penelope Keith. Here she is recieving her medal from the queen.

What an honor for these two actresses!! Both ladies have given me much pleasure with their acting capabilities and it is good to see them rewarded for their services.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Is That a Pear I See??

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I have a thing about Pears. I just love them...not to eat in particular but to collect pear items of all shapes, sizes and colors. ( Yes, my friend, Susan, found a large lavender pear for me and it now resides on top of the armoire in my bedroom.) So when I was cruising through Tuesday morning the other day, I saw this sweet rug and knew it was calling for me to purchase it!  I have a rationale for every impulse buy!!
See what I mean???I could not resist!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Well after working on this sampler since December I am finally finished with my project.  It is such a small sampler that I am ashamed it took me this long to complete the stitching.  Now it is off to the framer and hopefully Katy will have it soon so she can hang it up with Margaret and Baylor's samplers.  Elliott is so "new" that I am still getting used to seeing his name in print!! Marvin had received some papers in the mail and Benjamin E Grimm was included in the grands names and he said it startled him as well!! Love that little man and looking forward to seeing all the Bham(Hoova) grands at Kendall's birthday party on Saturday.

One of the reasons I was able to complete this needlework is that Marvin was sick all weekend and we were stuck inside.  I was determined to make the most of the confinement.  I also received two nice Happies in the mail on Saturday.
My canvas of Margaret and Landon arrived!! Not sure where its' final home will be but love seeing these two smiling faces. They are best buds.

The Easter Card on the right came from a sweet blog friend who makes her own cards!! That makes them extra special. The one on the left is the one she made last year. I hope I am starting a collection of Gina Cards.

Well Winter has returned today.....cold and windy but I hope that means that we will have a nice Easter Weekend.  I am looking forward to wearing my new lavender Easter Dress without a Coat!!:)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rainy Day

It is a rainy morning here in NoAla.  I would normally be glad for a rainy day. Rainy days are perfect for puttering about the house, doing little chores and taking a break to read a bit of a book. But today I have a dental appointment in Huntsville. My dentist, Dr Cook, is going to begin work on a crown for me. Oh if it were only the kind of crown that Queen Elizabeth wears, however mine is not. My crown requires novacaine and at least an hour in the "chair".  This will be the first dental work that I have had done by Dr Cook as he took over the practice of our former dentist, who retired. So that makes me a little apprehensive.   Let's just put it this way, Dentists give me the heebie jeebies. You would think that in the 21st Century, Dental Work would not be a PAIN!!

But after going to the dentist, I am going to stop at the library, which is one of my favorite places in Decatur. I am returning season five of Foyle and I will pick up Season Six. Marvin and I have really enjoyed watching Foyle's War. We also watched the movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel over the weekend. It was an interesting film about the outsourcing of old people. Any film with Maggie Smith and Judi Dench as stars must be good.

And today is also the beginning of Holy Week for Christians. I want to take time this week to really focus on my faith and to remember how blessed I am to be a believer and to be able to declare on Easter Sunday, He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happies Part 2

I was able to deliver Happies to my friends, Terry and Amy, yesterday as we lunched together!

While I was strolling through the Easter Section at Target the other day, I came upon these pretty paper products. I picked up a package of large Easter paper plates along with a dessert size plate and cute cocktail napkins.  I stacked them up, tied them with tulle and added a gift card.  I thought they were very cheery!! The ladies were happy with them so that made my day. It is truly so much fun to give little gifts that bring light to a loved one's day.( Keep some rolls of tulle on hand in your gift wrapping supplies. I find it makes any gift look extra can find all colors of tulle at Hobby Lobby.)

This Easter Season, I decided I was going to share Easter Cards with my friends and family. Back in March, I started collecting cards from various stores and stashing them in my stationery box! What fun to choose special cards for special people!( I know cards are pricey these days but I have to say that I found some lovely Easter Cards at Dollar General Store. Some were 2 for a $1 and the most expensive were $1. Dollar General will be getting a lot of my card business from now on!!) I think cards qualify as Happies too. Who does not like to open the mailbox and see a handwritten envelope hiding among the generic mail? I have three big hat boxes on top of the armoire in my bedroom and they hold notes and letters from over 30 years. Every now and then I love to take them down and read through the lines written by friends and family. Some of them have gone home to be with the Lord so their cards are so precious to me now.

In closing, I had to share some of the cute cookies and candies I picked up at Mel's Sweet Treats yesterday. Mel's is THE place to go if you are looking for a yummy treat or a little happy for a friend. I have already eaten the top half of my bunny!! Marvin is not feeling well so his bunny remains intact. I also got some Martha Washington Truffles. Samples of the Truffles were out for customers to try and it convinced me I had to get one for me and one for Marvin. They taste like the homemade Easter Egg Candy that Mama G would make for us at Easter Time.  Mel's Sweet Treats serves yummy lunches as well and Terry, Amy and I can testify to that.  If you live in the Decatur area, check out this "sweet" store.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Happies Part One

Since the day that Lanier, my friend and Sis in law, introduced me to the concept of "Happies" I have been all about this gift giving idea.  I really enjoy finding small gifts to share with friends and family. (That is why I love to search through TJ Maxx and Ross!!) With Easter coming up soon, I have a few happies to buy for Kendall and Landon's teachers.  Thanks to Cracker Barrel for helping me get a cute happy for each teacher.
 The sweet gift wrap lady at the Hartselle Cracker Barrel put together these cute happies for me! You can choose from any of their treats and she will bag them up and add a cute bow.

I decided to photograph them next to my Fake Chocolate bunnies that were Mama G's!! If they were real chocolate bunnies they would not make it very long around me!

And I am happy to report that I am often on the receiving end of Happies as well! My friend, Susan, gave me this pretty Jelly Bean dish towel. I decided to try it out as a table runner on the Littlies Table!  It looks so cute and fits perfectly!! Last week my friend, Terry, gave me a pretty packaged lemon cookie from Mel's Sweet Treats. Sorry but I did not get a picture of it before it was eaten!!:)

Happies make any day a Special Day!!