Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thank YOU!

Baylor's teacher sent this photo from school to Ben and Katy and they shared it with me. I love the look of concentration on Baylor's face and that he is sitting in his chair and focusing on his task. Before Baylor became a member of our family, I took for granted so many things that my other grands did without any problem.

I want to thank all of you for your care and concern for this young man. Ben and Katy raised the money on GoFundMe to pay for Ruby's training.  It will take almost a year to train Ruby but we know she will be a life saver for both Baylor and the family. So much time is spent just monitoring Baylor and Ruby will be able to help with that chore.  A friend sent me a news article regarding a service dog who had received an honorary masters degree because he attended classes with his human who had autism.  She encouraged me that maybe that would be Ruby one day.  We do not know what the future holds for our boy but I am praying that there will be break through in the treatment of autism.

So this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for God's Blessings on our family. Our beautiful grands, our extended family who are always there for us, friends who make life so sweet and a God who guides us each day.

Monday, November 23, 2015


We had a nice early Thanksgiving at the Roberts home. The day started out so warm and pleasant but by the time we left for home the cold winds were blowing. That is autumn in the south...our weather is very changeable.

Aunt Mimi and Audrey...the star of the show since we do not get to see her very often.

Everyone loved her little turkey outfit.

Proud grandparents.

Grandpa with Baylor and Kendall.

Best Buds.

The whole crowd...quite a lot of family and friends.

We had some bubble fun outside before it got too cold.

My girlies!! A framer for sure
.Our bonus grandsons, Hudson and Hampton with their grandpa Dave.

We had a fun afternoon. We were missing Katy as she had to pick her sister up at the airport in Birmingham. She is visiting from Texas this week.  It is not very often that we get to visit with all the children at one time so we consider ourselves blessed this week.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

See You Monday

Well as today is a busy day with our Grimm/Roberts Thanksgiving I am just going to say Have a Great Weekend! I still have my dressing to fix along with some Chex Mix and I need to run a few errands along with making sure the guest bath and bedroom are ready for the Canton Grimms.  And a big thank you to my friend, Sharon, for the beautiful Thanksgiving card I received yesterday from NC. It is sitting on my bedside table.  Looks to be a beautiful day here in NoAla but hang on to your hats because winter arrives tomorrow!! Highs only in the 40s! Tis the Season!

Friday, November 20, 2015

In the Bedroom

I saw a movie with that name and had to use it for my post!:) Actually I am just sharing my Christmas decor in our bedroom. The movie I refer to is quite the thriller and Sissy Spacek is the leading lady. I got caught up in it while channel surfing one evening. So you might want to look for it as well!

This is my vignette on our dresser. I finished my Prairie Schooler Tree Farm sampler and the folks at Slate Framing in Hartselle did the great job of showcasing it. With my Prairie Schooler pieces I like simplicity in the framing as they all tend to be rather busy and I want everyone to look at my stitching and not the frame.  I have recently become obsessed with all the cross stitch blogs I have come across lately. It has really motivated me in my stitching. I am finishing up the Prairie Schooler sampler, Where There are Bees so I need to choose my next piece to stitch.

I have had this little Hallmark Bell Girl for almost 40 years now. It was given to me by one of my nurse friends in Oak Ridge, Tennessee back when I was a young nurse working at Oak Ridge Methodist Hospital.

Another Prairie Schooler piece. Ann Sutton at Ann Sutton Designs did the finishing for me.

My most precious Christmas decoration... this was made by my late mother in law, my Mama G.  I put it up on the armoire in our bedroom to keep little hands away. I am happy to have the older grands look at it but looking is good enough! No touching! While I view things as "things" I would be upset if this were broken. I try to be very careful with it myself as I display it each year.  Unless you think I am the Grinch,  I have a Fisher Price nativity up in the play room for the little ones.

This Joseph has always bothered me a bit...he looks rather miffed doesn't he?  Sorry for the phone pictures!! I need to order a new battery for my DSL camera. I am missing its good sharp photographs.

Today I will be preparing some of my dishes for the feast tomorrow! I am looking forward to having all my grands in one place for a few hours.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Traditions

Todd and Amelia are hosting the Roberts/Grimm family Thanksgiving on Saturday. I am glad to turn it over to them!! They stopped by yesterday to pick up some tableclothes and other various and sundry. I love to bake but I am not a great cook so Thanksgiving was always rather stressful for me. Over the years we have had Thanksgiving with family and friends and I have good memories but the Thanksgivings from my childhood remain fixed in my mind.

We lived on a small farm with all my Daddy's family near by. So most Thanksgivings were spent with the Tankersleys. The Hendersons lived too far away..maybe 5 or 6   As all of you who grew up on a farm know, the animals must be tended to no matter the day of the week. Sundays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter make no difference to them. So Daddy started every morning at the barn. Even after he quit milking his cows, he would go to check on his livestock.  Some Thanksgiving mornings Granddaddy, Uncle Robert, Daddy and the boy cousins would go squirrel hunting. I think it was really a chance to be together, just the men.   As a little girl I always looked forward to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Even on our black and white tv it was impressive!  While the men were out, the women of the family were cooking. We had turkey and ham, dressing, various vegetables and dessert, which was my favorite part of the meal. I really do not remember having pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. We had sweet potato pie and pecan pie. Grandmother Tankersley made her Danish cake for holidays. It was  a very moist cake with dates in it. ( I picked those out!)  And plenty of sweet tea and Koolaid as it was a special occasion. Eating was not the highlight of Thanksgiving for me. I loved being with all my family and playing with the cousins.

I am making the dressing for Saturday and it will be my Conecuh Sausage Dressing. I got the recipe from Southern living and it is our favorite now.  If you have never had Conecuh Sausage from Conecuh County Alabama, you are missing a treat!  Conecuh county is in LA...lower Alabama. This sausage was once an item you picked up on your way to or from the beach but now it is in most Alabama grocery stores.  I will be making an apple pie and two appetizers. I am going to do apple slices with a dipping sauce and Chex Mix, homemade of course. Amelia is doing sausage balls, which is her specialty. And she is making Deviled Eggs for her daddy.

Charles, Nancy and baby Audrey will be driving over from Georgia and they will stay with us until Tuesday morning.  So we will be celebrating Thanksgiving early this year and believe it or not, Marvin and I along with our friends, Sharon and Barry, will enjoy our Thanksgiving meal at Cracker Barrel this year! This will allow me to sit and watch the Macy's parade with a cup of coffee in my hand and my feet propped up on the coffee table. I am still impressed by the Macy's parade and one day I would love to travel to NYC to see it in all it's glory. Excuse me while I add that to my bucket list!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Travel Tree

Well I caved and put up a small tree in our bedroom in addition to decorating the room for Christmas.  Baby Audrey is coming this weekend and since she will not be here for Christmas I want her to enjoy Nana's Christmas trees.

I decided to do a Travel Tree this year to showcase my ornaments from places we have visited on vacation. After 39 years of collecting ornaments, I have quite a few. In fact I have decided to pare down the ornaments on my tree, rotating them from year to year.

And here it is in the evening....I love Christmas tree lights!!

My white squirrel from Brevard. I got this one to remember my reunion with nursing school friends. As you may remember, Brevard is known for its white squirrels which are a breed and are not albinos. He is very cute isn't he?

From our trip to Montgomery's Alabama Shakespeare festival to see A Christmas Carol with Kendall last year. The Ghost of Christmas future.

From our trip to Biltmore last December...Biltmore at Christmas is amazing.

I had to add this one of us with Lee and Lanier at the Biltmore wine tasting. Lee did not taste any..that is why he looks sad and we all look happy.:) I will never be a wine just does not appeal to me.

A favorite from Santa Fe. of my dear husband's Grimm roots.

The Loveless Cafe in Nashville....reminds me of a wonderful meal there with our friends, The Wileys.

And who could forget our trip to the top of Sandia Mountain in New Mexico? With my little cable car I can always picture it!

There are quite a few other special ornaments but I will just share my favorites. I am enjoying the light of the Christmas tree as I sit in my favorite chair to write this post on a rainy Wednesday morning.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

On the Farm

Landon's class took a field trip to the farm recently. What a good time they had being farm kids for one day. They milked a cow, gathered eggs and spent some time riding a horse.  Here is Landon gathering eggs. Looks like he found one!

This is my that smile!

I had my yearly check up with my "lady parts doctor" yesterday and I am so thankful for a kind Christian physician who has cared for me for about 20 years now. In fact he is a member of my church and his nurse is a good friend as well.  I was confused about a report I had heard in the news that informed ladies that after 60 you only need a mammogram every other year. Did you hear that in the news recently? Well my doctor was pretty upset that an article that was printed in the American Journal of Medicine was misrepresented or most likely misheard by many.  The doctor who wrote the article says women who have clear mammograms until 60 or so can begin to have the screening every other year. This is the opinion of that particular physician from a study he has done. He is concerned about the radiation that we are exposed to with the mammograms. My doctor wants all ladies to know that we need our mammograms every year.  The guidelines from the AMA have NOT changed.  So I am passing that along to you!  I also got my bone density checked and I am happy to say that my increased walking seems to have improved my bone health. Yippee! After menopause, women need to really stay on top of bone health. I also received some yummy Caltrate gummies samples as a reward for being still during my bone scan.:) I rather felt like a little child who received a sucker for being good at the doctor visit.

And I want all of you to join in the Christmas fun at Gina's Blog, With Twigs and Branches.( You can find it on my Blog Roll). Gina is doing a wonderful Christmas giveaway. All you have to do to enter is visit her blog each day and answer her Christmas question. I look forward to seeing what new question she has come up with each day.

Well today I have some cleaning to do and I am going to deck the halls with  Christmas decorations as I am trying to put out a few things at a time over the next week or so. My big tree may go up early too as we are having Thanksgiving at Amelia's and we may be going to Chatsworth the day after Thanksgiving in order to take care of some house business.  Have a blessed day bloggie friends.