Saturday, April 30, 2016

On the Arsenal

Kendall and Landon got to take a trip to Redstone Arsenal the other day. It was Take Your Child to Work Day and Tara works for the Government so she took her two oldest kiddos along with her. Redstone really does this day up for the visitors...Robotics, Military Men, Food, Games and all sorts of fun!

Kendall, Tara and Landon.  If you are savy to Homeland Defense, you know that Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville is the home to a lot of the Defense Industry.  Many are employed on the Arsenal or they are defense contractors for the Military.

And of the defense contractors met up with Kendall and Landon! Grandpa was glad to have his two oldest grands on the Arsenal. He was able to introduce them to some of his co workers too.

Visiting Tara's office..they are happy to get to spend the day with Their Tara. And who knows, one day they might just be working on the arsenal as well.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Friend Day

Susan and I had a fun day strolling around Athens, Alabama. The weather was perfect and as I had not been to Athens in a while, I was amazed at all the new stores there.  We started off our time in Athens eating lunch at Clarks. It is a family owned restaurant located in an out of the way area but the food was delish. I got my meal, drink and dessert for $10.  And not far from the interstate was a Russell Stover Candy is really an outlet with great prices and I had to hold myself back here or I could have done a lot of damage! Put it this way, I do not want to walk 50,000 steps in one day to make up for my transgressions!!

I am helping with a wedding shower and I have been on the look out for a Thank You goodie to give out to our guests as they leave. I found these yummy things at a very reasonable cost! I will put them in cute little brown paper bags that I have already purchased. Oh Well, you will be seeing pictures of the shower later in the month!!

And I have to share that I was carrying my new summer bag on it's first outing...

It is perfect! I had been eying this bag on the Spartina website and I got to see it in person when my fellow MOPs mentor, Deanna, was carrying this exact bag! So I am copying Deanna!!  You all know I love Dooney and Bourke bags but they are so heavy! This Spartina Haig Point Bucket Bag was very comfortable to carry over my shoulder while walking and shopping.

Oh and I might have brought home a few pieces of Russell Stover candy! Doesn't everyone have a fruit and candy bowl???

I found these old spools at Bargain Jungle. I will probably take them to the little house as north Georgia is known for its carpets and textiles. Several of my family members have worked in these industries. Right now I have them on my breakfast bar with a candle on top! I also picked up a display easel for some of my needlework. And yes, I did get some discounted Easter Eggs at Russell Stover. I gave one to Marvin andI kept one for myself. The Coffee Big Bite is mine also. I have it hidden away for a nibble when I need one!!

My favorite purchase of the day was this cute flag...
I found it at Trinity's Gift Shop on the square.  Sweet tea makes life grand people!! While I was paying for my flag I happened to see some free samples at the register...
Vera Bradley perfume...I have not tried it yet but hey, I like free samples.

It is always fun to spend a day with a friend and I have the best ones!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Retro Fashion

The Sixties called and they want their shoes back!! Well Kendall's Converse High Tops are nothing like the ones that were popular with the BOYS in the 60s. My sweet husband still has a white pair that he wore playing basketball in high school. Maybe Landon will be able to wear them one day!!

Kendall had her heart set on Zebra Print shoes for her birthday and Amazon obliged. However it took them two weeks to get here so I am assuming they came all the way from China. Kendall plans to take out the black laces and replace them with hot pink!  Then they will match her YODA BEST shirt. When I posted this pic on FB, several people loved her shirt. She is my quirky little grand.

Amelia has a pair of black low top Converse and I am seeing these iconic shoes everywhere these days. I think I will pass as they do not come with orthotics. Maybe Converse should look into that as all us children of the 60s might buy a pair for old times sake.

It is Friend Day. Susan and I are headed to Athens, Alabama. It is just up the road and we plan to swan around the square, shopping! Lunch will be at Clarks.  Deborah will not be joining us as she is on a trip with her husband and grandson. We decided to let her go!:) After almost 20 years of friend day we get pretty serious about not missing a Thursday.  Have a blessed day Bloggy Friends.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Prairie Home Companion

For most of my married life, every Saturday afternoon at five pm central time, we turn to our local NPR station to listen to Garrison Keillor on A Prairie Home Companion. I admit that Marvin listens to it more than I do but I enjoy the program. This year Mr Keillor is retiring as the host of the show and turning the reins over to Chris Thile.  And as PCH is so popular, there is a farewell tour going on. Marvin and I were fortunate to get tickets to the Nashville show on May 7th.   It will be held at the Ryman Auditorium, the original Grand Ole Opry building. We went to see Prairie Home there last May as well and let me tell you, people were much smaller back in the Opry days. The seats are church pews and you have a limited amount of space on the bench, so if you are going to a show there you might want to diet a bit before attending!:)  PHC has been around since 1974 when it only cost $1 to attend. Let's just say, it cost a bit more than that in 2016. Prairie Home is the most expensive show on NPR and many stations are dropping it with the retirement of Garrison Keillor.  They do not think young Thile can carry the show. I tend to agree with them. If it is going to continue to be popular, it will have to change its format. And all of us old people who listen, might just jump ship rather than move with the times.

My husband's father grew up in Waconia, Minnesota so we have lots of relatives out on the edge of the prairie. We get Mr Keillor's Minnesota betcha we do!!  Garrison Keillor is a master story teller and I enjoy all of his skits, Guy Noir Private Eye, Dusty and Lefty, the prairie cowboys and who can forget his ads for Powder Milk Biscuits..they give you the courage to get up and do what has to be done. But his tales of Lake Woebegon always leave me laughing. I guess all small towns are alike! I enjoy the fact that there is an Arlene Bunsen who lives in Lake Woebegon. I seldom hear of Arlenes in fiction.  I just love hearing the opening line for this tale...It's been a quiet week here in Lake Woebegon, my hometown out there on the edge of the prairie. Then we hear Mr K tell about various characters we have come to know and love. They are eating at the Chatterbox Cafe or they may be at church at Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility. The Lutherans are present and accounted for as well.  How Garrison Keillor can begin a random tale and have it all tie up neatly at the end of 20 minutes is amazing to me. And then he ends each tale with Lake Woebegon, where all the women are strong, all the men and are good looking and all the children are above average.

Over the years, both Marvin and I have noted that Keillor has become more liberal in his thinking and more cynical in his view point. I find that he cannot get away from his raising however. He still enjoys the old hymns...The Hopeful Gospel Quartet is a staple of the show. I think this goes to show that we never really get away from the old time values we were raised with no matter how hard we try!! I hope Garrison Keillor has a great retirement as he has earned it. And I hope he finds the peace he shares with his listeners each week in a little town where we would all like to live.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Market at Pepper Place

Katy invited us down to Bham to go to The Market at Pepper Place. She suggested we might want to plan a Saturday before the temps became unbearable. And summer in the south can be pretty hot! Grandpa and I got up bright and early on Saturday and headed to the big city. We had to make a stop at Krispy Kreme to pick up a dozen HOT donuts before heading to the Grimmlin house. Baylor associates Grandpa with Donuts so Grandpa obliges him with a box whenever we visit.  After scarfing down some hot donuts we loaded up for the trip to downtown Birmingham. The Market at Pepper Place is a Farmer's Market on steroids as you will see from my pictures. This market opens in April and closes at the end of the summer. Located on the grounds of the old Dr Pepper Bottling Plant, it attracts lots of visitors.  By the time we got there around 9:30, it was crowded with people, dogs, and lots of strollers, including ours that made sure Baylor and Elliott were safe with us.  Margaret walked along with the adults.

And it did not take Margaret long to find this booth offering samples of delicious chocolate cake.

It was a cake like my mother makes!! And isn't this beautiful hand writing? There were booths with farm products...produce, honey, locally made cheeses, breads, pork and beef.  Crafts of all kinds were available as well...pottery, soap, purses, scarves etc. It was pretty amazing.

We tease Katy about her love for condiments and sauces. She and Margaret enjoyed trying some of the homemade salad dressing.

Ben and Dad did a lot of waiting on the women!

Here is the whole motley crew. Ben wore his UAB shirt as the Market is near University of Alabama at Birmingham. Ben is a proud graduate of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, the REAL BAMA.  Grandpa had on his Northrup Grumman shirt showing his colors as well.

In addition to booths there was live entertainment. You can barely see the couple on the far right but they were dancing to the beat, quite nicely too.

I bought a small piece of the aqua green pottery at this booth of potter, Emily Conover.  I was amazed at her talent in producing this horse pottery.  Ms Connor told me that she will take a picture of an individuals horse and recreate it in pottery. These pieces were about $60 but it would be a unique gift for a horse lover. She does not have a website at present but hopes to have a facebook page soon. These vendors are happy to be chosen to have a booth at The Market.

So much for getting a picture with Nana. We were headed to the car at this point and we were all hot and tired. Note my Detroit cap...thanks to my cousin, Al, in Detroit, I was styling and profiling! I usually do not like this type of cap but this one fits beautifully on my above average size head!!  And see my Sweet Tea?

Now this is the size of Sweet Tea people in Alabama enjoy. We found this tea booth at the Market and let me just say, their tea is right up there with Milo's SweetTea. In fact,  I like Southern Yall tea better as it was just the right amount of sweetness. Nothing refreshes like sweet tea on a hot southern day.

So if you live near Birmingham, you might want to check out this great market. Katy and I agreed we might like to come back without the guys and kids!! And with all the samples, you will find a light lunch is all that is needed after a day at the Market.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Kendall

This was Kendall's two year old birthday...she did not want us to sing to her. Uncle Ben stepped into the doorway to keep her from escaping.

Ever stylish thanks to her mommy!

Oh how we fought cutting that hair but it looked so cute on her!

Then she got glasses.  She looked so grown up!

Awards at the end of second grade.

Heading home from the beach with Nana and Grandpa...

And here she is rocking the Matilda Jane top that Aunt Lanny sent to her. New glasses and just a step away from looking like a teenager!

Kendall celebrated her birthday with a molten lava cake from Chilis.

What can I say about this young lady? She is my first grandchild so I did a lot of learning on her. I found out that she has many of the Grimm traits...strong willed, smart and funny. But she is also a very kind and caring child who does not want to see anyone excluded. She has persevered at softball and is coming along.  She reminds me so much of Marvin at times that I just have to laugh. She and her Grandpa take after Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory.  Both tend to think they know it all and will correct any errors in a heartbeat. One day Kendall corrected Grandpa and I told him, "Now you know how I feel!"  She has had some hard times in her life but she has come through with shining colors. I love this girl who had my heart the minute I held her for the first time. My birthday wish for Kendall is that she would love the Lord and serve Him all the days of her life.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Daddy Daughter Date

Katy posted this photo earlier today. Ben and Margaret are going out for a date. Daddy even brought her flowers.  Katy said Marg chose her own "most beautiful clothes".  This girl is a  hoot and a half. I cannot wait to see her tomorrow!!

I am posting tonight as we will be leaving early in the morning. The market is open from 9 to 12 so we must get up and get on the road to get there on time. I hope to post some pictures on Tuesday as Kendall's birthday is on Monday so I will be sharing some pictures of my big girl on her special day.

I am closing out my day by watching Easter Parade on Turner Classic Movies. Marvin is upstairs in the man cave! I have to say that I am really enjoying all the beautiful costumes and music. Judy Garland and Fred Astaire make a wonderful couple. I have always enjoyed Mr Astaire but I know that in this day and age he would never be a leading man! A young Peter Lawford plays Johnny and he has all the makings of a leading man but Fred Astaire wins the girl!!