Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Celebrating Baby Jeffy

Our main reason for visiting Memphis over the weekend was a celebration for our great nephew, Jeff Jr, who will be born in April.  My niece, Sarah Grimm Curry, and her sister in laws, Mary, Jessica and Meredith threw a shower for Sarah and Jeff Grimm.  Now that we have two Sarah's in the family it gets confusing. Lanier calls her Sarah, Sarah Lanier to keep the names straight. One of the Sis in Law's said she did not know why it was so confusing as Sarah Lanier has been a Curry for so many years now. I replied that she will always be Sarah Grimm to  Our Sarah says she is the original Sarah Grimm and Sarah Stimson Grimm is the real Sarah Grimm.

A lovely table greeted guests in the dining room.

Coffee punch in Lanier's silver punch bowl. If you have not had coffee punch you are missing out!! This beautiful punch bowl has been in Lanier's family since the 1800's. Lanier shared that her mom's family in Mississippi did bury their silver to keep the Yankees from taking it!  So glad they managed to save the silver for future generations.

The hostesses...Mary Grimm, Jessica Grimm, Sarah Grimm Curry and Meredith Grimm.  These girls are all very close and even have a texting circle.

If you have seen the movie, The Blind Side, you are familiar with the Tuohy family of Memphis. Their daughter owns a cookie store and these cookies came from her business. Aren't they cute?

Lanier and her lovely mother, Dorothy Barry. Or as we all call her, Dot Dot.  She is a true southern lady. She arrived in her hat and fur coat! If you notice, Lanier, her mom and I all had on the same slacks from Matilda Jane.  I told Lanier the shower looked like a trunk show for MJ because she had sold so many family members clothing from this line.

The mommy! Sarah and Jeff are so excited( and a little scared, Jeff shared) to be parents.

 All my lovely nieces.

Lanier gets a big LL BEAN bag for all of her grands when they are born. And she fills it with many nice gifts. The little outfits on the right were Jeff's Feltman brothers suits. The elastic had worn out after 30 something years so Lanier found a seamstress to put in new elastic so Jeff Jr could wear these sweet clothes.

The will be Kitty's first grandchild and Lanier's 13th!!!

Sarah with her grandmother and Jeff's grandmother. She has rich sources of advice from these two ladies.

Lanier and I wearing our Matilda Jane outfits. I had a black shell and she had a gray shell. We did not want to look JUST alike.:)

What is a shower without lots of gifts? Sarah and Jeff received many lovely and practical gifts for Jeff William Grimm Jr.

Family events are always a time for making memories and I enjoyed getting to visit and talk with my nieces who I seldom see. It was a great weekend all around.

Off to have a donut this morning!! I am giving up sweets for Lent this year. I am also keeping a Lenten devotion book to keep me on target in Prayer and Almsgiving.  Even though I am a Protestant I do Lenten devotions with Bishop Robert Barron at Word on Fire.  I always learn something new from his devotions.  Have a blessed day friends.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend in Memphis

We spent a fun weekend in Memphis, Tennessee, visiting the Lee Grimm family. As I have said before, though we lived just three hours from each other,  we did not see each other very often. Lee and Lanier have five children and we have three children so we were all very busy in their growing up years.  Now that we are empty nesters we have made it a priority to visit back and forth. It was our turn to go to Memphis to visit. Our nephew, Jeff, and his wife, Sarah, are expecting a baby in April so Sarah's sister in laws threw her a sweet baby shower.( Pictures of that event tomorrow). One of the things we really enjoy is being able to get to know our great nieces and nephews who live in Memphis.

Our niece, Sarah Grimm Curry, is the mother of this precious little girl, Dottie. Dottie LOVED her Uncle Marvin and sat in his lap almost all weekend. Everyone assured Marvin that Dottie did not usually take up with just anyone so he must be special.  In this picture she was showing Uncle Marvin her favorite Dumbo. Dumbo is her favorite Disney movie as well. Uncle Marvin got to hold one of Lanier's gifts for baby Jeff Jr.  Dottie is named after her great grandmother, Dorothy Barry and she was born on her late Great Grandma Grimm's birthday, July 10th.

This is Marvin and his brother, Lee, along with Lee's granddaughter, Sallie.  What are they up to? Lee Grimm Jr is in Ruwanda on a medical mission trip  and he called to Facetime. The miracle of technology...I am still amazed by it. Lee Jr is in Africa for two weeks doing surgery along with a group of medical personnel from the medical school where he is on staff, University of South Alabama. He has shared some amazing pictures of the people and the scenery there. He also shared some scenes that only the doctors and the nurses in the family found interesting.:)

While we are in Memphis, we have to get Muddys cupcakes from Muddy's Bakery. Our great nephew, Rob, joined us for a treat after our lunch at Corky's.

Uncle Marvin and Rob enjoying their dessert!!

We had a busy Saturday visiting with the family and Lanier and I made a quick trip to visit her mother in the assisted living facility where she resides.  Mrs Barry is known by Dot Dot to her extended family and at 93 years old she is still sharp and gets out and about. When we arrived for our visit, she had just returned from seeing one of her granddaughter's basketball game.  She is much loved and cherished by her family.

We packed a lot into one weekend and I am dragging this Monday morning but this is one of my stay at home days so I will rest today!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Saturday Thought

I am heading out early in the morning so thought I would post this little piece that a friend shared on Facebook.   Have a great weekend bloggy friends. See you Monday the Lord Willin!

You Might be a Southerner...Part Two

Oh I loved reading all the comments regarding regional sayings!! I enjoy learning more about our distinctive country. I have to share that my high school friend, Sharon, related to me that she thought barb wire was bob wire until she was older. Yes, we Southerners have our own language!

You might be a Southerner if...

6. You cannot drive on snow and ice.  I wish I had a dollar for each time I have heard a transplanted northerner say this! I would be rich.  Marvin and I were watching coverage of the big snow storm that hit last week and there was a picture of cars off the road etc. I told Marvin, look at all those Southerners who were up there!! Because we know they cannot drive on Snow and Ice! People, no one can drive on Snow and Ice. My daughter in law, Nancy, is from Connecticut and she was caught in the Snowpocolypse in Atlanta several years ago. She was on a business trip there and she told us that it was the most nerve wracking driving she had ever experienced.  We do not have snow removal equipment down here. Oh we might have a truck or two that could have a plow attached and we have bags of salt but we so seldom need it that city governments do not spend money on snow removal. And for that reason, when it snows or when it gets icy, we stay home and enjoy a Snow Day. They seldom last more than two or three days and hey, we all have milk and bread so we are set to hibernate for a bit!!

7.Your ears hurt if you go north of the Mason Dixon line. I say this because Southerners tend to be soft spoken and all my northerner buddies talk loud.  When I was in nursing school, I had a friend who was originally from Pennsylvania. When I went home with her for the weekend, I thought her parents were yelling  all during my visit.   They were not yelling but they just talked louder than most people I knew. I found the same thing to be true in Louisville. The Mason Dixon Line runs through Louavul...I made sure my youngest son was born in a hospital that was south of said line. Thanks Baptist East!!

8.You smile at people you do not know and say Hello.  One of my transplanted northern friends asked me why we were smiling all the time! And as for engaging people you do not know, well they could be serial killers.   I admit it, I am a smiler and I often engage in conversations with people I do not know. This did take a funny turn one day in Target. I was in the back to school section, purchasing some things for the grands when a young man of about 30 entered my personal space and said hello.  He asked me what I was shopping for and told me he was looking for a folder with the picture of a cat on the front.  Being the sweet person I am, I helped him look through the selection of folders in the store. Then he pulled out his wallet and proceeded to show me pictures of his cat so I would know what kind of cat to look for!! Believe me, I was beginning to wonder what I had gotten myself into!! After we both determined there were no cat folders to be found, he went on his way and I had a good story to tell Marvin that evening.

9.All carbonated beverages are Coke.  Not soda pop, not soft drink...Coke.  That is baffling to new arrivals in the south.  I guess we are just loyal to Coca Cola and think that it deserves the recognition. Coca Cola was developed in Atlanta and most Georgians will look at you with horror if you offer them a Pepsi. They will drink an RC cola if you give them a Moon Pie to go along with it. Moon Pies are a southern specialty.  They are rather like a cold smore and they come in flavors of chocolate, banana and vanilla.

10. You like your tea and your milk SWEET.   Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day in the south than a big ole glass of sweet tea over ice.  And it has to be sweetened with sugar and preferably a LOT!  I was in a restaurant in Huntsville over the holidays and I ordered sweet tea. Well what they gave me was not sweet was not sweet enough. If you are going to run an eating establishment in the south you had better have Sweet Tea.  And it has to be brewed ....none of this instant tea nonsense.  On to Milk....when I was growing up you heard the phrase Sweet Milk quite a bit. This told your mama or your grandmother that you wanted whole milk and not buttermilk.  People in the south used to drink a lot of buttermilk.  Personally I only like it in biscuits. My Granddad Henderson had buttermilk at every meal. He would take some corn bread, crumble it up and put it in his buttermilk and eat it like cereal. Lots of old time southerners enjoyed that treat and sometimes it would be their whole meal.   Cornbread is another southern thing. My Aunt Janelle travelled to Italy with her husband several years ago and when she got home I asked her if she enjoyed her trip. It was nice she said, but could you believe they did not have corn bread over there???

I hope you enjoyed a look at the Southern World...we are a different breed for sure. And we are not everyone's glass of sweet tea but those southern roots will follow you all of your life. No matter how far you roam from Dixie, a little part of you longs for the soft voices, the heat and the love of a place deep in your heart.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

You Might Be a Southerner If...Part One

I am sure most of you are familiar with Jeff Foxworthy's You Might Be a Redneck if jokes. Of course many assume that all Southerners are Rednecks. However they would be wrong. A recent conversation with my aunt about funeral homes led me to write this post.

You might be a Southerner if...

1. You have your local funeral home website bookmarked on your computer. You need to know when to take a cake or casserole to the bereaved family. And heaven forbid if you miss a visitation. I was telling my Aunt Joyce that I had Peeples Funeral Home bookmarked on my computer so I could keep up with deaths in my home town. Well Aunt Joyce informed me that you can sign up for an email alert when a new obit is posted. Who knew? When I was a little girl and I sat down to my gravy and biscuits every morning, the radio was tuned to the Dalton radio station that aired the local funeral notices. It starts early here in the south, our preoccupation with death! It might explain all those famous Southern authors.

2. You love Gravy and Biscuits. ( See above) And those biscuits are not out of a can but lovingly made with White Lily flour by the hands of a good Southern Woman.

3.You think Bless your heart is the perfect come back when you do not know what to say. It can be sympathetic or smart alecky( another southernism). Take your pick.

4.Your first chore on moving into a new home is locating your Tornado Closet.  I am not joking, we really do look for our safe room! Now days many new homes have a reinforced storage room for the residents to run to for safety.  My aunt and two cousins had their house explode around them in the tornado outbreak of April 3, 1974. All three got out with minor injuries and for this we truly thanked God. One day while I was walking in my neighborhood, a neighbor who I met for the first time, showed me his tornado shelter in his garage. It is a Big Thing in tornado alley.

5.You push a BUGGY at the grocery store, you MASH the elevator button and you are always FIXIN to do something.  Another favorite word of mine is DRECKLY....what in the world you are thinking?? Well when I was a little girl and I would ask my mother when we were going to do something, she would reply, "Dreckly"  I was practically an adult before I realized it was DIRECTLY. Another old Southern word that is dying out for lack of use these days. And maybe it is just an Appalachian word. You will hear many old English expressions in the hills of North Georgia, East Tennessee and Virginia.

I will post my last five Southernisms tomorrow.  I think it is very interesting how each section of our country has its own sayings and customs. When I lived in Louisville, Kentucky I always laughed when my Kentucky friends said Earn for Iron. As in, " I better go now, I've got to go home and Earn."  Of course now the funny thing about that saying is that you would think you need to Earn!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Stream

Congratulations to JUDY at Cranberry Morning! She will be sporting some pretty red gloves this month! Judy if you would email me your snail mail address at Yes, I am old school....still using hotmail. But it has served me well over the years and I see no reason to change. My MOPs moms laugh every time I give one of them my email address. 

We were asked to be alert to the weather yesterday due to the threat of tornados. Kendall and Landon were released from school early because of the watch.  Fortunately we only had wind and rain. However I am hearing that straight line winds did do some damage at one of our Priceville mini marts.  Tornados are truly a part of life here so we try to keep calm and carry on.

How many of you are Instagram users? I am on Instagram as nanaland55. Since I am technically challenged I am unsure of how to add the link to my blog so I will just share that tidbit here. I am friends with a few of my fellow bloggers and I love seeing what they are up to every day. According to Instagram etiquette, you should only post one photo per day! I am learning all sorts of things in my old age.

I finished up my Easter cross stitch and I am on to a summer piece.  Thanks to all my cross stitching bloggers, I have been inspired to create more pieces. My Easter piece will be made into a bolster pillow, hopefully. My friend, Deborah, has offered me the use of her sewing machine to complete the project. First I have to go to Hobby Lobby to choose some fabric and piping. It has been a while since I have sewn a pillow so hoping it all comes back to me. 

For all of you who are Downton Abbey fans, what did you think of Sunday evenings episode? I am an old nurse and it almost made me sick. I knew Robert was going to have some sort of medical episode this season but oh my goodness.  While shopping in Target yesterday I saw that Season six is in the stores for purchase. I am going to wait until Downton finishes airing on PBS before I buy my dvd for my collection.  I am really going to miss this series! And I just received my order of Sisters from Amazon. I got Seasons one and two. I loved this show about four sisters when it aired in the 90s. Patricia Kalember who played Georgie was my favorite sister.  I am going to try to watch one episode per day to make it last. And who knows? I hope I like it as much 20 years later. 

I am still at work in my closet, trying to tidy and toss. I read an article about the famous Japanese book on Tidying. ( if it is so famous why can't I remember the title?) Apparently you are to keep only things that bring you joy.  And you should fold your socks so they can rest when they are not being worn! And thank the pieces for their service before you toss them or give them away.
I have a sweet friend who shared that she rotated her shirts in high school so that the shirts felt she loved them all equally!! I am not ready to start treating my clothes as though they have feelings.:)

Well I have a whole day at home to work in my house. I hope I do not give in to the call of my cross stitch and Sisters DVD.  I know myself much to will be a temptation! Have a great day friends.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


No that is not the number of wrinkles I have or the number of gray hairs on my head. ( Only God knows how many of those I have!) This is the number of steps I logged on my FitBit last year. On my one year anniversary of owning a FitBit, I received an email with my year's statistics. Every Tuesday I receive an email updating me on my week's activity and I am happy they send out a yearly report as well. My daily goal is 9000 steps and I have been meeting that pretty regularly as of late.

The average American FitBit owner logged 965,925 steps over a year. And if you are wondering what the mileage is...I have walked 752 miles in one year. The average American walkes 674 miles. I have to admit that I take off Sundays. I rarely get 3000 steps on the Sabbath.  3000 steps is about what you would log in a normal day's activity.  I think that the body needs a rest day. Let those feet and muscles have a breather. Of course I did not come up with that one either!!

I have to say that I have been very pleased with my FitBit. I do think it keeps me accountable and it encourages me to get up and move! I am still not where I want to be weight wise. 15 more pounds and I could live with that...I know that I will never be a small person. To be honest, Menopause is a game changer in more ways than one!:)  But I want to be healthy and active enough to keep up with my grandkids.

I have the bottom of the line FitBit...just logs steps for me. I am thinking of getting a pretty pink cover for this year as my old black one is starting to split.  I saw a three pack at Target that contained a variety of colors so I may head there and get it for myself as a reward for a year's hard work.

Don't forget to come back in the morning to see who gets a pretty pair of red fingerless gloves!!