Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sushine Box

The other day I had dinner with a sweet friend whose husband is going through cancer treatment. She shared that a high school friend had sent her hubby a Sunshine Box. It was a yellow box, filled with yellow things guaranteed to make Jim smile.  That caused me to realize I have an old friend who might need a Sunshine Box. So I got busy..first stop Hobby Lobby.

These cute tins were on sale as Hobby Lobby is getting rid of summer things to make room for fall and winter wares. I used my chalk marker to add her name.

I found the cute sun at Hobby Lobby in their wood art section. I added a magnet to the back and stuck it to the tin. I filled the tin with yellow tissue paper.

Here are some of the YELLOW things I found to put inside the box....yellow napkins, yellow drinking straws, a yellow wooden spoon, yellow candies and gum, a Yankee candle car jar , hand cream and a funny magnet.

My friend, Susan, found this at Cracker Barrel this morning and we had to add it to the sunshine box!

I found this cute butterfly stand at Hobby Lobby...I added an encouraging Bible verse.

A sweet card with a yellow envelope...

the inside of the card for those of you who have inquiring minds!! I got this at Hobby Lobby as well.

I dropped this off at my friend's house this morning and she was very touched. She got a real belly laugh out of the magnet. She said it reminded her of one of her grandmothers!! And guess what her favorite color is????YELLOW!

I am going to be on the look out for yellow things to put away in a stash. Next stop The Dollar Tree as they have some cute things there as well. I also thought of a little Thank You Happy for someone. "Orange you Sweet !" A gift bag or tin full of orange items??   So now I will be looking for Yellow and Orange items.

I am posting this evening because my husband is off work tomorrow so we are going to sleep in.( Hopefully!!) I will be reading blogs in the morning after I get my coffee and get going!!Gotta love those three day weekends.

Banana Bread

My brother in law, Lee, a busy general surgeon in Memphis, Tennessee, loves to cook. He bakes as well as preparing family night dinners for his big family. On Monday nights, the children gather with their kiddos for a delicious meal made by Doc Doc.  Lanier says her job is clean up and she is happy to have Lee use his creativity in the kitchen.  Lee makes the BEST banana bread I have ever tasted and I thought I would share his recipe with you. He says the secret is BUTTER!! Oh well, butter makes everything better! I will say that I add walnuts to my batter as I feel nuts makes every thing better so I will give you my version at the end of the recipe.

Hear it is ...a loaf cooling on the counter. It is great for breakfast with coffee and fruit.

Lee's Banana Bread
1 1/2 c sugar
2 eggs
1/2tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 stick of softened butter
2 1/4 c plain flour
4 ripe bananas
Preheat oven to 350.
Cream butter and sugar in electric mixer. Add eggs, then flour that has been sifted with baking soda and salt.  Add ripe bananas and mix until incorporated.( Okay, here is where I add 1 1/2 c of chopped walnuts).
Topping...this is what makes it outstanding in my opinion.
1 c sugar
3/4 c flour
1 stick of butter...soft
1/2 tsp cinnamon( I leave this out as I just like the banana taste)
1/2 c chopped pecans( I use walnuts)

Divide the batter into two greased and floured loaf pans, then divide topping evenly over the batter. Bake for one hour but check them after 45 minutes! My loaves took the whole hour to bake.

For all you Southern cooks who use self rising flour. Do NOT use it in this recipe. I thought I could get away with it the first time I baked this banana bread but the topping rose up and looked awful. It tasted good but trust me, use plain flour in this recipe. Your loaves will rise just right and look very pretty. are some other Foodie photos I snapped at the reception I helped with over the weekend....

A cheese ball ...can you believe it? The lady who made this is a talented artist so I was not surprised that she could sculpt a cheese ball. Now if I tried this, it would look like those post of failed pinterest projects. If you have not seen these posts on facebook, there is a picture of a Pinterest project and then a picture of a poorly replicated project. It makes me laugh every time. I think we can all admit to a failed pinterest project.

These beautiful cupcakes were made by the groom's cousin. She did all the M's and hearts in piped chocolate, let it harden and used it for decoration. It requires talent and a steady hand. They also tasted delicious!

And guess who dropped by to see me this week? Uncle Sam!!
This monkey boy is my joy and delight, as are all my sweet grands. We have no big July 4th plans this year so I was glad Uncle Sam dropped by to celebrate early!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Elliott is my youngest grandson and what a bundle of energy he is!! He has a big smile that will melt the stoniest heart!! Having an older brother on the autistic spectrum makes Elliott's life different from most of his peers. He cannot remember a time that did not include trips to "therapy" and taking big brother to preschool.  Elliott loves to play with Margaret, running after her, making up games but he does not understand why Baylor does not join in with their play. However that does not keep Elliott from chasing after Brother or aggravating him. ( which in reality is probably good for Baylor!) Katy said that Elliott was messing with Baylor the other day and Baylor looked at him and said"Watch It!" That is big for Baylor as he spoke up and it was an appropriate reaction!   I thought I would share a few photos of our little man.

This was made on Father's Day....just before church.

Out with Mommy at Target...looking like a big boy!!

Wearing Sissy's wig...

And finally one of my favorite photos of Elliott...

Katy snapped this one at therapy one day. While they were waiting, Elliott pushed Baylor all around the room.  I know he is going to play a big part in helping Baylor learn and grow too! I can see definite personality traits in each of my grandchildren. Elliott is determined yet sensitive as well. I look forward to seeing this little one grow up and change the world around him!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tankersley, England

One of my cousins was able to take a dream trip to England and while she was there she visited Tankersley, England. Why was that place so important to her? Well we are Tankersleys!! If our research is correct, all the Tankersleys in the United States are descended from a set of brothers who immigrated from Yorkshire, England.  One story says our original name was Tancred and it became in a place name, Tancred's Lea( pasture).  Over time it became Tankersley.  The Tankersley boys landed in Virginia, moved from there to North Carolina and  my line finally ended up in Georgia. Most of my branch of the family is from Ellijay, Georgia but my great grandfather moved across Fort Mountain to Chatsworth, Georgia.

Helen reported that it is just a small village and she was unable to find any Tankersley ancestor's graves there but still it was worth the trip to visit the place of our roots. I told someone that we had not changed much in moving across the ocean. We liked the mountains of Appalachia as it probably reminded the ancestors of the hills of home and the people of Yorkshire, England have quite the accent! Here in America we have our Southern accent with some "mountain" thrown in! Every time I hear myself on  a recording, I am appalled. Do I really sound like that????When we lived in Louisville, Ky, I lost a bit of my southern accent but after living in NoAla for 31 years, I am back to my slow Southern Drawl.

The Tankersley Clan has no claim to fame that I have found in my genealogy research. My ancestors were mainly farmers. I will say we have a love for land that is evident even now as you could tell from my cousin, Steve's land that I featured in a recent post.  As my husband reminds me," They are not making more land, hold on to what you have!!" That is one reason we are thinking of building a get away cabin on our land there.

So now you know my maiden I am proud of! However I will say I was happy to marry a Grimm for two silly reasons. One, I moved from the end of the alphabet to the sorta beginning of the alphabet! I was always one of the last in line at school! And I went from having a name that some found difficult to pronounce to one that was one syllable.  However, I continue to be amazed at the people that pronounce it GRIME!! Give me a does not even look like Grime!! It has two m's for heaven's sake.  I usually remind people that it is Grimm like Grimm's fairy tales. Of course, many young people look at me like, What? So I now say, Grimm like the TV show!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Going to Church

Kendall and Landon's stepmom, Tara, posted this picture on Facebook yesterday and I just loved it. Kendall and Landon are holding hands with their little sister, Raegan, as they walk into church. I am thankful that Nick and Tara take the children to church on the Sundays they are at the Ledlow home. Divorce is never easy and I know it has changed Kendall and Landon's lives but we are blessed to have a good relationship with Nick and Tara.  They allow us to have the children any time we want and Tara keeps us up to date on their school and sports activities.  I have heard many horror stories of divorce situations so I am very grateful that we all get along.

Speaking of blessings, when I went outside to get the morning paper, I was so happy to feel a cool breeze on my face. It is just delightful after last week's sweltering temperatures.  Monday is my errand day and I have quite a few stops on my list today!! One is the oil change at Toyota but I am taking my cross stitch with me, hoping to get a bit more done!! I am on a cross stitching roll right now. I am enjoying it so much! I was encouraged by Denise at to redeem my time in a more worthy manner. Check out her blog. And her sweet daughter, Whitney, is also on my blog roll. Her blog is Whitney blogs about homemaking and organizing, two of my favorite things.  Really I could read blogs all day! There are so many interesting ones to check out online and it seems as if someone is telling me about " a blog you have to read" each day.  Blogging has really expanded my world and I love all my blog friends! In fact, I feel as if I know the ladies whose blogs I read daily.  Well, enough chitchat....Off to get busy today! Have a good one friends.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Marvin and I have always felt that we should share what God has blessed us with and that includes our home. We have been blessed over the years to entertain many lovely people in our home. This weekend I have made a new friend by opening my home to a visitor. One of my friends here in Decatur is having a reception for her son who was recently married in South Carolina. She mentioned that she was pleased that her new daughter in law's mother was driving from Columbia, South Carolina to attend the event. I asked where she was staying and Lori looked a bit perplexed, "Well I am not sure." She answered. I offered our guest room ( which is really a little suite when the pocket door is closed). Lori assured me she would make this offer to Tammy and she called me back to say that Tammy would be glad to take me up on my offer!!  This just made me so happy. I love helping my friends and I love meeting new people. Tammy arrived last night and we seemed to hit it off right away. ( I love it when that happens!).  Tammy is a fairly recent widow and she shared with me some of her life story, giving God all the glory for the good and the bad.  She really encouraged me!

Here are some of the things I do to make my guests feel at home.

1. Ghirardelli  Chocolate.   I always have a little bowl of individually wrapped chocolates on the bedside table. Sometimes you just want a little snack! ( This time I got Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and of course I had to taste it to make sure it was ok!!).

2. Books....I put a few small books out on the bedside table as well. I always like to read a bit before I go to bed. 

3. Guest items...I have a little decorative bowl full of travel size items that I display on the counter. Mouth wash, tooth paste, lotion, floss, qtips etc...

4. I always take time to show them where all the towels etc are located and I have an over the door hook on the bathroom door where used towels can be hung up to dry. I also have a bottle of bath wash in the works better than bar soap for guests. Shampoo and conditioner are located there as well.

5. I put out pretty disposable cups...most of our friends and guests are at the age where they have a pill or two to swallow morning or evening.

6. I also make sure the night light is in the guest room and one in the bathroom. 

7. I leave a small lamp on in the living room just in case my guest needs something in the middle of the night. An unfamiliar house is daunting at night!

Sharing what you have with love is the key to hospitality. As believers we ought to be ready to open our doors and our hearts to guests!

Friday, June 26, 2015


Yesterday was a great day even if it did start out with a visit to the dentist to finish up work on a crown! I am thankful for my dentist, Dr Brian Cook, and he is well worth driving to Huntsville for his services. I was finished up there at 11 so I headed out to Bridgestreet Town Center. It is our shopping center that is similar to some you will find in air, upscale shops and even on a hot day like yesterday, well worth the trip. I will say up front that I seldom shop here but every now and then it is a nice treat.  I started off in Barnes and Noble where I picked up two of my favorite books that have recently been released in a large paperback form, A Man Called Ove and The Mockingbird Next Door. It was here that I met up with my friend, Cynthia, who lives in Madison. I have mentioned her before and her claim to fame is that we saw Steel Magnolias together when it first came out in the theaters. That will bond you for life!! She brought me a pretty cross for my cross wall.

It is going up today!! We had lunch at Bravo Italian Cucina. All I can say is yum...It was the perfect place to sit and visit.

Then we went to my favorite store, Anthropologie. I am glad it is in Huntsville and not in Decatur. I cannot pass by an Anthropologie without stopping in and spending some money.  Marvin even likes Anthropologie!! We visited one in Atlanta in May, then one out in Las Vegas so I am making the rounds! This retail store is just lovely...eye candy, good smells, pretty dishes...I could go on and on. The young lady who waited on us yesterday was so sweet and pretty. She had porcelain skin, dark hair and bright red lipstick. She could have been a Disney princess. I will take Anthropologie over Disney World any day!:) to unpack my bag.

Everything I purchased was lovingly wrapped and put in a pretty shopping bag.

And inside is...

This reminds me of the old I Love Lucy episodes where unwrapping your purchases was as exciting as buying them!!

This candle is called Volcano( And I lava it!!). I thought it was interesting that I purchased a Volcano candle after seeing the Pixar short on Volcanoes this week. It was the candle that was burning in the store when we walked it. It is an AMAZING scent. I do not use candles much anymore due to diffusing my YLEOS but I had to have this one and it matched my kitchen decor.

I had seen these little travel books while we were in Las Vegas and I picked up two yesterday. I may never travel to Paris or New York except in my favorite armchair but they spoke to me!

This pretty bowl was just the apple green that I use for a pop of color in my blue, white and black kitchen.

And finally my two cups that I had to have for me and my honey. My friend, Melinda, had two of these cups at her house in Las Vegas and I agree with her that they are just Happy Cups!! I will be having my morning coffee in one as I read the blogs on my blogroll.

It will probably be Christmas before I get back to my favorite store but you can be sure I will be making my way there again in November!!